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You’d think I am ADD or something… by Mikael
June 23, 2011, 12:42 am
Filed under: A Little Me, ADD-ness, Fiction, Fitness, RaNdOm, Religion? What's that?, Updates, Writing

I have a habit of keeping myself pretty busy.

But sometimes, I feel like I don’t get to do some of my favorite things when I get insanely caught up in everything I’m doing. Such as writing (blogging included) and recording.

Technically, I should be in bed right now as tomorrow will be another very long busy day. I figured I might as well blog while I’m up and thinking about it since it’s been over a week since my last post. I have a couple others planned but I haven’t written them yet… I’ll get to them though, along with catching up with all my blogger buddies as well here hopefully soon!

But remember how I was getting certified to teach Zumba on Saturday? Well I did. Now I am. Taught a trial class of sorts (I guess?) on Tuesday evening and it was amazing! I can’t wait to throw in some new choreography onto those which I already know in order to create a class. I’ve done Zumba every day since certification, either for a real class, teaching, or preparing for classes. That’s all the cardio I need basically! For a moment, I considered starting a Zumba blog… but then I thought, if I’m struggling to find time to blog on my normal blog, why start another? My point exactly.

A couple other things have drawn my attention as well. Have you ever heard of Figment? It’s pretty fun for those of us who like to write a little more than just blogs. I’m not sure I would say I’m an addict, but of all the websites I’m on lately, that one is pretty dominant. I was an idiot last week and decided to do a comment/review swap… little did I know that over 15 people would respond. I said I would get them done over the weekend. Let’s just say I still have about 2-3 to finish. And it’s Thursday. *sigh* So fun, but sometimes hard to squeeze in among other things. Hoping to get back to my own writing here soon. Gotta find a balance between my own writing and reviewing those of others.

Next thing to draw my attention: playing Bakery Story. Seriously, have you tried this game app? I cannot get off of it. They set it up so you want your bakery to do well so you have to constantly be cooking/serving something! I’ve been stuck on it since Sunday. It’s bad. I never should have even downloaded it… but I wanted a game to play on my phone. But whenever I have a spare moment to drift my attention, it goes to my Bakery. On my phone or on my iPad. Yep, I have two games going. It’s that addicting. Well, sort of. My iPad can’t connect to the internet everywhere but my phone can.

With my ADD, I’m surprised my brain hasn’t combusted yet. I’m pretty sure I’m still doing my news internship and my other part-time job as well as every social/friend night I can muster into my schedule. Plus all my Zumba and Pole Fitness classes. And I’m trying to work it out so I can check out different congregations around town on Sundays. Exploring my spirituality continues to be a work in progress… See? Always doing something!

It’s a mad-house. A fun and balanced mad-house, but a mad-house nonetheless.

And now? I’d like to sleep. Me poor bones (and eyelids) is ready to drop.

Oh! And who’s ready for the NBA draft tomorrow? This may be just me, but I’m curious to see where Jimmer Fredette goes. I don’t know why I’m so suddenly invested in which team chooses the former BYU player… *coughs*hellagoodhottie*coughs*


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Have you ever played Diner Dash? I LOVE that game and know that I have a weakness for all time management/cooking/storyline progression games.

Comment by terra

LOVE Diner Dash! I have it on my iPad. =D It’s awesome.

Comment by Mikael

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