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The Voice! by Mikael
July 17, 2011, 11:34 pm
Filed under: A Little Me, Friends, Futuristic Musings, Music, Singing, Try, Updates

Over the weekend, I decided to post an online audition for NBC’s The Voice (have you voted for my video yet? you should! nay… you need to!). And now I can’t get the idea of going to a physical audition out of my head! It’s like the timing couldn’t be more perfect. It will be right after my internship, so definitely opportune moment worthy.

And why shouldn’t I audition? I definitely think I’m good enough to go the distance, and auditioning for this show could be just the jump-start I need. You never know… I could make it. But then again I might not. The thing is, you never know if you never try. So why not go for it?

Why not? Take a crazy chance.
Why not? Do a crazy dance…
If you lose the moment, you might lose a lot.
So why not?

Sorry my mind was flash-backed to the days where I watched Lizzie McGuire religiously. But yeah, that’s where my mindset is right now. No better time like the present, eh?

The two locations that are closest and that I’d likely be able to make it to are in LA and San Francisco. Picking a location is proving to be the most difficult part. My BFF lives in San Fran and another excellent friend lives in LA. I’ve yet to talk to either of them about this, but I’d rather do that once I’ve made a decision… but how to choose? GAH!

So I hope you’ll “like” my online audition (only 30 seconds long and definitely worth checking out!) while I try to figure out who I can crash with for the real audition. ;)


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OMG! I can play What Dreams Are Made Of on the piano! i love that movie so much. im gonna vote and totally pimp out your video! good luck!

Comment by Darien Solaris

Love that song! Are you talking about the ballad one? I still cry when she’s performing in front of the world…
But thanks so much Darien! You’re awesome and your support means the world to me.

Comment by Mikael

oh check you out girl, good luck!!

Comment by katelin

Good luck, dearie! I think it’s a fantastic idea to go audition :D. And yes, you’ll never know until you try! Life’s short and you should take whatever chances you get and make the most out of them. If nothing else, you’ll have had the experience of auditioning!

Comment by slightlyignorant

If you pick LA, I will totally brave that city for the opportunity to spend more time with you. :)

Hope it works out..would love to see you on TV and be like “I know her!!!” hahaha.

Comment by TJ

I thought it kicked ass.

Good luck!

Comment by Peter DeWolf

Tried several times but couldn’t open that video link. Wish you all the best.:-)

Comment by dreamingthruthetwilight

Say what? That’s crazy… it should work… :( Thank you though!

Comment by Mikael

You have a great voice and will do fabulously! I have a friend who is supp to audition as well. Im cheering 4u both! Hey…if u ..wait..WHEN u make it big, don’t forget us little people ;)

Comment by Kellie Elmore

Thank you so much Kellie! Here’s hoping! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good things. Should be a good experience either way, but still… :)

Comment by Mikael

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