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Blips from July by Mikael
August 4, 2011, 6:16 pm
Filed under: A Little Me, Blips

I realized that it had been an UBER long time since I’ve gone through my list of blogger buddies so I took two hours last night to go through a vast majority of them.

Apparently there is a VEDA thing going on and half of them are making video blogs for the month of August. I don’t have the patience for that right now as I’m in the midst of moving and making videos, though very fun, is incredibly time consuming because I like to nit-pick everything until it is absolutely, positively wonderful. Thus, it takes me far too long to compile a video I deem worthy of internet consumption. That’s just me though.

But I did find something else on Terra’s blog that I thought was a great way to remember little things within a month. She calls it Bytes. It’s like a Condensed Readers Digest capturing mini-moments. I like the idea, so I told her that I may steal it. Which I’m about to do. However, I do not wish to steal her name. She calls it Bytes… and I think I want to call it Blips. =D

July was…

Wrong calendar month (had it on June forever). Firework-induced insomnia. When I realized that I’m okay with being 22. Coffee-free (yay!). Figment-filled. Long Holy Bible and Pokemon Black drives. Pool time with Daddy and Doggies. PB&J french toast! A zumba-fied wedding. Impromptu DJ biznez. VooDoo view of Vegas. Sandy beach talks with old friends.

San Diego sunshine. Bi-polar Utah weather. Lazy hair days. Sweaty. Becoming the person I know I am supposed to be. CPR certification. Request worthy. Nastass bathroom era (not my fault). Come to Butthead… The end of a 4-month drought. Spiritually enlightening. Still in love. The End of Harry Potter. The beginning of the House of Night. Vampire fetish renewal. Awesomely unique dates. Love-Hate Netflix. Future new home found. Tutti frutti!

Taking two weeks to unpack. Delaying packing. Playing X-Men catch up. Hyper Smarties. Pole, not rope. Time to kick it up! 4th place in HP trivia thanks to me. Starbucks Gold Card. Quality Lava time. Wonderful choral music. Park picnics with cloud paintings. Fantastical gay one-liners. Walgreens-induced sunsets. Midsummer Night Dream moment. Post-church lunches and chats. Tampering with the Voice. Molto job hunting. Chin breakout from hell. The droid hates me.

The laptop h8es me too. Peanut Butter Twix Heaven. X marks the … ah, crap squared. New friends! Extra ABC 4 quality time–ooh is that a full-time possibility? Stand-up and package creation! Martini nights in Zumba attire. Cutey comedian. Crazy, Stupid, Love. Best national anthem EVER! First MMA experience. My clock is going too fast–wait up! And wait a darn minute… who’s moving?

*   *   *

See? Great way to remember the little things!


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Yeah…..I was supposed to be doing VEDA, but that hasn’t really happened. Hmm.

Comment by TJ

Yay! Glad you stole it. It helps keep me accountable to myself and reminds that yes, things are happening and I am getting things done.

Comment by terra

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