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Nearly moved in! by Mikael
August 19, 2011, 4:46 pm
Filed under: A Little Me, Family, Good Things, Happy Dance Time, Updates, Utah

So yesterday was the big day! My family and I moved into my new house! It’s booty-ful! It feels pretty cool to actually be here even though I’ve been dreading the move since our house first went up on the market. I’m thinking it may not be too bad up here in the mountains…

A lot of unpacking went down yesterday and I made some excellent head way on my bedroom. My closet is practically all set… All I need now is my dresser to unpack the rest of my clothes and I’m golden! Unfortunately, my bedroom set won’t arrive until Tuesday. *sigh* So I’m making myself content on a makeshift bed on the floor of my new room. Which is so much bigger than my old room. And it has a walk-in closet! Who wouldn’t love a walk-in closet?! Seriously?!

My brother’s walk-in closet is about twice the size of mine. The logic here? None. But I guess since I’m trying to get out of my parents house, he calls dibs on the best closet room. Not fair, but who’s complaining? I still get a walk-in closet which is a far cry better than my old closet situation (aka: barely anything).

Okay, so I’m stoked beyond belief just a little excited for my bedroom set to arrive. It’s hot, modern, and gah! I just want it to be here all ready! It’s going to be a graduation celebration of sorts when it gets here… no more twin bed for me! It’s a queen, baby! And it’s booty-ful too…

Pictures will definitely be posted next week once I get everything set up… oh, snap! That reminds me! I haven’t picked out bedsheets yet. I’ll add that to my weekend to-do list.

New home, hopefully a new job on the horizon, and a new chapter of Mikael’s life begins! =D


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A Twin??? Eek. Enjoy that Queen :)

Comment by TJ

Oh I will! Haha…

Comment by Mikael

Exciting time for you! :) Can’t wait to see pics of your new digs.

Comment by suki @ [Super Duper Fantastic]

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