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You found me how? by Mikael
August 25, 2011, 12:29 pm
Filed under: A Little Me, ADD-ness, Disturbing!, Laughs, Quotations, RaNdOm

I see these on other people’s blogs all the time so I wanted to take a look at my own. Presenting……………….. (dude, what happened to my drum roll?… eh, oh well. The guy must be out of town.)

Most Bizarre Search Terms Leading to MikShorty in the Past Year

humongous wide pecs ~ Not sure when I wrote about this, but I like the way these people (all four of them) think.

girl looked at my chest and said i got a meat pattie wat is that ~ Question Mark. BIG Question Mark.

vodoriga knjiga ~ Who/What/HUH?!

“turkish guys” and “curvy girls” ~ Takes me back to Italy… but seriously people?

my aunt tied me up and crossdressed me ~ My aunt would never do such a thing, nor would I talk about it if that were the case.

saks and kiss gay ~ Um, okay?

miss thang 0823 ~ I got game but I’m not that cocky. And that’s not my birthday nor my favorite number.

pig saying moo im a chicken ~ I like this pig already… but where can I find him since you clearly didn’t find him on my blog?

cocksandnipples ~ *raises eyebrows*

corey monteith fart ~ I refuse to believe this beautiful man would do such a thing. I’ve seen him in person, and he just wouldn’t.

горгулья ~ Por que? Che? … I don’t speak your language.

my step mom holds me against her breast ~ My step-mom would in jest but, again, would I really talk about it here?

“picture of granny panties” ~ Not my style, really…

سكس مشعرت ~ Non parlo la sua lingua! Speak American!

* * *

The rest of them were pretty basic and legitimate… this list makes me think there are some messed up people on the web and searching for strange things (I’ve also found a fascination for using “nor” incorrectly).

Seriously, when was the last time you Googled, “body shot! blogs on body shoot at pub crawl club rome”? … … Wait a second, that actually happened. XD

What’s the craziest search term used to find your blog (if you have one)?


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So weird – and also incestuous….

Comment by terra

Right? Haha…

Comment by Mikael

I always get people searching the term “amish porn”. This search term pops up at least once every day. Another one is “emo sex”. Why did that lead them to me? I’ll never know. Why were they looking up Amish people doing the skanky panky? Beats me.
Anyway, you asked so I there ya have it.

Comment by dinkerson

Haha, I did ask… People are just strange I guess! XD

Comment by Mikael

Hello Mikael,
Thank you for subscribing. I’ll be back to check out your posts. All good wishes,

Comment by Eric Alagan

Thank you as well! And thanks for the like on “We” on Something Write as well. =)

Comment by Mikael

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