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War Against Mikael by Mikael
August 29, 2011, 4:42 pm
Filed under: A Little Me, Techy Side of Me, Unhappy, Venting

Would someone please explain to me why both my Droid and my laptop have been giving me such monumental problems this year? At this point, I really just want to toss them and get new devices completely (iPhone 5 anyone?).

Normally I’m a very optimistic person but that is no longer the case when it comes to these particular objects. “They hate me!” and “They should die!” are common phrases I say regarding them these days.

My Droid used to vibrate uncontrollably, turn itself off, drop phone calls, not even register phone calls, not send text messages, on top of a host of other things as well. The other night I resorted to hard resetting my phone and it’s given me minimal problems since. Here’s hoping it can hold out until I decide if I want an iPhone 4 or 5 when the latter comes out in a couple months.

As for my laptop, I’m ready to strangle the damn thing. It’s remarkable how much I detest even turning it on. The problems aren’t even covered on the Apple tech support section of their website. Here’s an idea of a couple problems that in turn cause many more:

  • The keyboard is so touchy that while typing, somehow where I’m typing changes without warning, whatever decides to get highlighted is erased, then whatever I’m typing continues before jumping to another location to do the same thing again. That is, if the entire text isn’t completely deleted. (If that was confusing for you to follow, try putting up with it.)
  • The trackpad is ultra sensitive and doesn’t like to work anymore, often dragging windows somewhere when that wasn’t my intention, highlighting things when I’m simply trying to move my mouse to a different area of the screen, and half the time it doesn’t click when it is supposed to and clicks when it’s not (thus, messing something up 85% of the time).
  • Sound stops working all on its own and won’t work again until the system is rebooted.
  • It overheats just by being turned on.

Sure, my computer only has 10 GB of it’s 250 left but that has been the case for the past year as I’m constantly moving files to my external hard drive.  Laptop didn’t start giving me problems until late spring so I’m betting that isn’t the problem. Maybe age is the culprit? I got it in spring of 2008 (oddly enough 3 months before they came out with their new and improved Macbooks) so it’s a little old school but I used to love this thing! Now I feel like slamming it through my wall whenever I look at it.

With this war being waged against me by my technological devices, it makes me wonder if they feel left out in the “feel like new” theme going on in my life (moving into a new house, getting a new bedroom set, feeling like a brand new me in general, etc).

Should I fight them or just surrender? (Translation: Is it time to upgrade?)

(PS: Just look at how pretty that picture is… sigh)

When do you realize that it’s time to upgrade your technologies?


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I give votes for the new iPhone. I have the 4 and absolutely love it. It’s totally changed the way I gain information.

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