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The Voice Audition! by Mikael
September 6, 2011, 9:24 pm
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In a nutshell, so I thought to myself “a little [song or two] could do the trick”. So [last week] I curtailed my Walpoling activities, sallied forth and infiltrated this place of [entertainment] to negotiate the [possibility of singing before Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine].

In other words (and not those of Monty Python), I went to LA to audition for the second season of NBC’s The Voice. And this is my story…

Having auditioned for American Idol way back in the day (the summer where my jaw locked up coincidentally right after), I was sure that this experience would be very similar. Oh, how wrong I was! The biggest difference this time was I didn’t have any friends auditioning with me… and that I think my voice is better than it was back then. Now onto the rest!

First off, I could register online long before the auditions so I would have an actual date and time to be there. Then it was up to my discretion to pick a song that would show me off well until the audition day came upon me. My audition was set for August 31 at 7 AM. Talk about early… I set my alarm for 5:30 and was up at 4:45 just tapping my stomach in anxious anticipation of what was sure to be an insane experience (read: madhouse like American Idol had been) since I could not will my brain to sleep for the life of me. My absolutely wonderful friend who put up with me for those 6 days drove me to my audition at the LA Forum before he had to head off to class. And I was left to my breakfast-less self to figure out what the heck I was supposed to do and where the heck I was supposed to go since the instructions hadn’t been entirely clear on my audition packet.

Luckily, I found the line of people assigned to come at 7 pretty easily. I wasn’t as close to the front as I was for the Idol auditions but the line wasn’t bad… yet. Soon there was a long snake of people lined up. Around a couple thousand were assigned to come at 7. I learned from other auditioners that they had arranged different time frames for only a certain amount of people. At which point I thought, “Very smart thing to do.”

By 8:30, I was in one of 9 long-ass lines to hand over my audition packet and being cattle-called into groups of 10-ish (since some people were underage and needed their guardians with them). And of course, I was in the slowest moving one of the 9 but I’m not complaining as it gave me a little time more to warm up. We were then herded into a row in the stands where we were to wait to be taken to a waiting room closer to the actual auditions. During that wait, the cutest little black kid kept pulling my hair, spilling crumbs all over me from behind, and screeching notes no human should be able to produce vocally. I do my best to remember that he was very cute and that his dad had an uber-sexy singing voice. Then of course, like I mentioned before, we were then taken to a different waiting room. It was freezing so I pumped out some dance moves and push ups to warm up. A warm body = warm vocal chords. Bam!

Not long after, we were pulled into the hallway where several voices could be heard singing through the walls. I was nervous up until that point simply because it was the question of “WHEN WOULD THIS THING HAPPEN?” and the comfort of it being right before me was finally there.

My group of 10 settled into chairs in front of a beautiful, chill, and just cool producer who said that she had been in our same shoes and wants everyone to do well. She did a little explaining of what they were looking for: an authentic performer with incredible vocals. She encouraged us all to applaud and support each other so the vibe was very relaxed and supportive (love being redundant).

I may have listened to the other 9 singers in the room with me, but my eyes were on the producer the whole time. I could tell when she was smiling out of politeness, genuinely enjoying a performance or trying uber-hard to keep her head down taking notes when she wasn’t sure how to respond (such was the case when one girl, whose voice was stunning, sang a really obscure French song).

One girl in the group got a call back on the spot and that was clearly because she was easily the most talented and polished singer in the room. Another was informed that if she was contacted by 8 o’clock PM that she would be called back. No call back for me… it wasn’t my best performance but for how early it was in the morning, I did pretty dang good (high notes popped right out the way they were supposed to–yay!). LeAnn Rimes’ “We Can” was my song of choice. The producer seemed to enjoy my performance. However, my excellent overall experience makes it worth it to give it a shot again next year. ;)

So I was out of there by 10:30 am… not like American Idol where we were there from about 4 am to 1 pm. I must say, despite not having a friend auditioning with me this time, it was a monumentally better audition experience. Another bonus about this audition was that there were no cameras filming anything! Photography of any kind wasn’t even allowed. With the cameras at the Idol auditions it was insanity. None of that this time! It was just… a swell experience all around for The Voice.

One thing I loved about this audition was not only were they very structured and organized well, but everyone working the auditions was so incredibly kind and supportive. Literally everyone! How they manage to do that through so many audition days with some crazies (I’m sure at some point there were some) astounds me and I definitely give them props. I met some awesome people too while waiting in line. Love that too!

So there is my story… and now I’m going to have to shoot you. Right-o! Bang, bang, bang!

Why I felt the need to channel Monty Python’s “The Cheese Shop“, I have no clue so just bear with me. I performed that scene in high school with my friend who I auditioned for American Idol with… so that could be my tribute to have her here with me.


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:) It sounds like a great experience. You’d better try again next year!

Comment by suki @ [Super Duper Fantastic]

I’m so proud of you! :) A friend of a friend of mine made it on the show last year, she didn’t get very far though. They didn’t even show her audition on the first episode. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you next year!!

Comment by Germana (btchonheels)

[…] My challenge from last week went pretty well for the most part! I ate almost always when I was hungry and was able to stop before feeling full. The biggest challenge was being out of town for it since I was in LA auditioning for The Voice. […]

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Sounds like you had a pretty awesome experience! I’m glad you have plans to go back next year. I can’t imagine how crazy it would be to be at an audition like that…

Comment by terra

I finally got a chance to read this, I’m bummed that I was roaming the Canadian rockies when you were in town, but so proud of you just for trying. :)

Comment by TJ

I know, man. We totally could have hung out. What’s up with that? Haha… no big deal but thank you!

Comment by Mikael

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