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Blips of August by Mikael

I did this last month for July and now it’s back again for August (albeit a little late, but I’m still doing it)! Here goes!

August was…

The end of my ABC 4 News Internship. Procrastinating packing. New temp job that killed my voice. Moving to Park City. Cool alliterations (my new addy). 10 hours of cleaning my old house. Peaceful. First time I ever wanted to take a kitten home with me. Firm boobies! Saying goodbye to my baby… grand, that is. :(

Really?!...Really? Making up someone else’s work (oh, joy). Yes, ma’am. Serendipitous moments with crushes. Hounding for jobs (still). Singing at the Mormon Tabernacle. Little America. Sharing a room w/ brudder–ewww! Moving into a new home! Gaydar malfunctions leading to awkward situations. Is that Josh Groban?

Hilarious conversations over French Silk pie. Just amazing like that. Coffee dates with old friends. Going briefly back to the Claytoneers! There’s a pool! Too many quarter pounders. Too much root beer. Flirting it up with old cops from outta state in the hot tub. Too many natural disasters surely indicating the soon-to-be apocalypse. Walk-in closet! Woot woot!

The realization that I have way too many books/dvds/other junk. Pause in the pool. Actually earning money. Temple revelations. Late nights in the city. Lotsa Zumba teaching! Battle with the Droid, so I killed it and brought it back to life. Alpenglow on its way! Graduation from a twin to a queen bed! New pwetty bedroom set.

Too many bugs. Popping a tire on the freeway (scariest thing ever). Family fun at reunions. Done with House of Night series… until October, that is (8 books in less than 4 weeks). Learning about investing–must buy Investing for Dummies. Strange and unexpected men hitting on me. Phone calls trump texting. LA… the city of dreams.

Awesome Voice audition experience. Seeing my most favoritest person in the whole world. Exploring empty Inglewood with the worst shoes ever for doing so. Second-hand bookshop gems. Soy green tea lattes. Longest day known to mankind. Hallucinatory exhaustion. Snuggles. Looking forward! =)

Here’s to a great September (it better be according to my horoscopes)!


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I’m just glad I’m not the only one who was late posting about August. It sounds like yours was amazing and full. Cheers to what should be an amazing September!

Comment by terra

Cheers! =)

Comment by Mikael

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