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Take the plunge! by Mikael

You know those opportunities that you think won’t happen and then they spring up on you, taking you by surprise? How long do you think those last for?

The biggest question may be if you decide to jump at the opportunity or not.

Sometimes there is a little leeway for decision making, other times not so much. Some opportunities require quick-on-your-feet thinking. And if you’re lucky, you can ask for a little time to deliberate.

I feel very lucky. I have had time to do just that before takingthe plunge. I have had the opportunity to separate out logic, emotions, what feels right and what is best for all parties involved. If I didn’t have that, I might have had a meltdown. There are/were a couple big decisions to make.

Now is not the right time to divulge the all of the details, however, though a few in my real life circle are aware of some of the leaps that I’m making. Some of it has been hinted at randomly here (though probably not really noticed). They may be revealed in due course on MikShorty depending on when those decisions truly manifest themselves in my life.

Let’s just say there are not just one, but a couple changes both in progress and soon-to-be. Crazy things… things that I never would have anticipated yet feel right for me. Things that could have really interesting repercussions for people in my life. Some things may be difficult, but those are the kind of things that make us stronger as people and can even strengthen the relationships that matter most.

Can I just say that I’m so grateful those opportunistic windows were open? =)

Are you one to take the plunge? Why or why not?


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Your vagueness is making me super curious and super excited for you. Whatever big leaps these may be, I’m happy that you’re taking them and that they feel right for you.

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