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FWF ~ Something to Feel by Mikael
September 16, 2011, 12:36 pm
Filed under: Free Write Friday, Poetry, Writing

Lunchtime means it’s prime time for for Free Write Friday again, provided by Kaleigh Somers and Kellie at Magic in the Backyard. Feel free to try this prompt out on your own blog as well! If you do leave a comment with a link either here or on Kellie’s blog and I’ll be sure to check it out! =)

Prompt: Capture the girl, tell her story--tell us "something to feel".


The pier is always the same.
Resting on the beach, allowing the waves
To roll in underneath.

Every day it sees people gather in masses.
Every day it feels many footsteps.
Every day it hears much laughter and joy.

Every day providing a getaway,
Letting those from all walks of life
Walk across it’s timeless wooden slats.

But she is hardly ever the same.
Hair up, hair down, hair messy, hair prim
Never the same accessory.

Some days she looks at the waves.
Some days she arrives with friends.
Some days she tries to escape from the city.

Some days she’ll people watch,
Letting her mind wander to their own stories
Since she’s barely sure of her own.

But there is one thing that is constant—
Her hope, her faith.
Her love for the breeze about her face.

Today she looks up just waiting for the stars
To light up her sometimes dark night,
To remind her that her constant is always there.

Thanks for tuning in!

On another completely different note, Saying Saturday will be making it’s autumn return tomorrow so be sure to join in the laughs and wisdom yet again!


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Woohooo! Glass to see u in FWF again! Thanks! This is a great story! Love all the detail! Nice take on the image! Xox

Ps… Its Kellie (not Ellie) lol

Comment by Kellie Elmore

I have no idea what was going through my mind when I was typing Ellie… I’m sorry! *fixed*
And thanks! =)

Comment by Mikael


Comment by Morning

I’m late getting orund to read these this week, but this is wonderful. Your description of the girl is very deep and meaningful. Nicely done!

Comment by charlesmashburn

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