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The Return of Saying Saturday by Mikael
September 17, 2011, 5:21 pm
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Man, has it been a while since Saying Saturday has graced my blog. It’s most definitely overdue, don’t you think? I present to you volume… oh, crap I gotta go check… *searches through old blog posts*

FOUND IT! Volume XXI (21)!

* * *

The weird conversations involving my brother, Austin…

Bro: Did you hear Justin Beiber crashed his Ferarri?
Me: He has a Ferrari?
Bro: That’s what I thought at first but then I realized that it proves what I’ve thought all along… that women can’t drive.

Girl: I’d need someway to occupy my time since I won’t know anyone and I’ve never even been to Texas.
Bro: There’s an Austin in Texas.

Moments when I think ADD runs in the family. This is a text conversation with my mom the other day. First she is telling me about a potential Zumba teaching opportunity before saying…

Mom: [My coworker] said everyone was asking about you at church.
Me: Oh really? A lady called me the other day from them I think. Couldn’t understand her message very well.
Mom: Supposedly they have 4 or 5 classes a day!
Me: Huh?
Mom: At basin rec they have 4-5 Zumba classes a day.
Me: Oh you jumped ship topics haha
Mom: Oh, were you talking about that church?
Me: Haha duh that’s what WE were talking about.
Mom: No we were talking about Zumba too. Call that lady maybe you could get a couple classes up there.
Mom (a few minutes later): Lol and you wonder where Austin gets it.

Hanging out with Brandi is always sure to get some great quotes…

Have you tried the razzleberry pie from Marie Calenders? ‘Cause it’s the shit… the good shit, not the bad shit.

Wanna know what else gets me? Noses… If someone has a sexy nose, I’m sold. Richard Armitage–oh, my holy sexy nose!

Alexander Skarsgard is a norse God. He could take advantage of me anytime. I accept.

I had a beta once but he died a week and a half after I got him, like “Screw you! I am going to die now!”

I am NOT okay with being below average! Hello! Permanent gold star imprinted on my forehead!

While talking about how I tend to date guys younger than me and the fact that I’ve found myself attracted my younger bro’s friends on occasion…

Brandi: Your bro could be your reverse pimp. Or your real pimp. It would make him get money.
Me: How would that work?
Brandi: Your brother brings a friend over, you shag them… and then they bring more friends over!

I must say that I have some of the coolest (and strangest) friends ever. :D

Talking to my BFF’s younger sister in Fort Lauderdale before BFF’s wedding

Me: Man, I want to run on the beach.
Caits: Oh, I did that the other day. But I saw two people making love so I ran away instead.

Enjoying cookies with Brandi and RaShea last night…

Me: There is only so long it can stay in my mouth before I have to swallow.
Brandi: That’s what she said.
Me: Gross! … But I can still taste it in my mouth–just trying to savor it.
Brandi: Mikael, go write that down.

Thanks for tuning into the return of Saying Saturday! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

And on another completely different note… GO UTES! Kick those Cougars’ butt!


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Oh Mikael, these cracked me up (especially the last one!).

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