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Yesterday by Mikael
September 21, 2011, 5:47 pm
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And no, I’m not going to quote the Beatle’s song. This is part of the 30-day meme that I started back in January and still have yet to finish, but by golly I’m going to!

Next on the list is: Your Day in Great Detail, so I’m going to look back at yesterday since it was filled with not my usual shtuff. If you don’t feel like reading, I don’t blame you. But I will try my best to make it entertaining! I need to finish this meme!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011:

My alarm clock wasn’t set to go off until 9 in order to allow myself more rest before my busy day ahead, but my body decided to wake me up at 8:30. So I rolled over in my very toasty bed and tried to sleep until the alarm went off. Texted people whose messages I missed overnight (why people like to text me at 1:30 a.m. is beyond me…) before prying myself out of bed.

Starving morning me wanted an apple so I ate one as I deliberated which shower I wanted to use since the squeegie used to clean my shower is a piece of shit and doesn’t do it’s job… plus the fact that there is a steam shower in the basement. My laziness got the better of me so I just used my shower so I didn’t have to haul my shower things downstairs and back. Squeegied the shower the best I could (seriously the biggest mood killer ever after a nice hot shower), got out, got dressed, got ready. All with my handy-dandy-and-oh-so-faulty Droid 2 by my side as I was eager to receive any kind of phone call (was I cast? do you want to interview me?).

Out of the house by 10:45 and I drove out of my new mountainous home to Taylorsville where my GRE would soon be commencing. Had my favorites from Starbucks (iced soy green tea latte and spinach-egg white wrap) which was conveniently the floor below where my test would be.  Read a little bit of Cage of Bone by Leanne Beattie and helped a guy figure out where he was. Stowed my things in the trunk of my car (hello, on the west side of the valley! haha, totally kidding… I have friends that live out there) and waltzed up the stairs to take the GRE.

The 4.5 hours spent doing the GRE weren’t bad aside from the guy in the testing room who felt the need to nastily clear his throat every seven minutes. A lot of it was easy, but some I felt like I never even touched in college let alone high school. Scores won’t be out for a while and the ranges they gave me for the verbal and quantitative reasoning sections mean absolutely nothing to me so far. Thus, another waiting game begins…

After the test, I chowed down on a sandwich I made on Monday as I drove back to Park City. Spent 30 minutes at home watching ABC 4 (oh, how I miss them) before heading out the door again to go even farther east for the Thoroughly Modern Millie callbacks.

The directors wanted me to try out Muzzy van Hossmere and for Mrs. Meers (about three to four times for each part). I read for both as well but felt much better about being in Muzzy’s shoes. The girl who got cast as Millie said she was “so engaged” in my Muzzy monologue that she forgot that she had a line after. (Good sign!) I felt I did both well and it was a fun time… until the tap dance part of the call back came up. I’m not a tapper so I just looked like a sea lion attempting to scootch across a sticky ice mantle. *big smile*

Said goodbye to the directors after two hours at callbacks. At this point, I was starving so I hit up Wendy’s where I realized why I had been choosing McDonald’s so much lately. McDonald’s french fries, even when not so fresh, taste really good. Wendy’s fries on the other hand… not so much. They are only good when fresh. And the batch that I got was soggy and just ew. So I ate them all anyway. I know.

As soon as I got home, mother wanted to talk per usual so I told her about the callbacks and caught up with her on other things. Then I resumed eating my Wendy’s mess of a meal while watching season five of Grey’s Anatomy (my brain needed a break from the day) on Netflix (I know, I know…). Again, while keeping my Droid 2 nearby in case of one of those special calls that would tell me if I was cast in one of the plays I auditioned for last week…

A very special guy called so I willingly put Grey’s on hold to talk to him because I may not get a chance to talk to him for a couple days while he’s in the midst of many papers due in a short period of time. He wanted to hear all about my callback experiences from this week despite his heavy load. I feel so lucky. Wished him loads of luck and kept his voice message that he left for me earlier in the evening. =)

No other calls though which only kept the waiting game going on longer. Waiting to know if you’re cast in a show is agony. “Agony, misery! Far more painful than yours!” Sorry… couldn’t help it. Moving on!

Because I have an addiction border-lining on it becoming an “-ism”, I watched Grey’s Anatomy (about 4 episodes) all while getting ready for bed until midnight, at which point I rolled over, said my prayers and went to bed.

And that’s yesterday! If you managed to read it all, please leave a comment. I’d love to know who my stalkers are… ;) But seriously, loves to you all and I hope you have a lovely hump day!

* * *

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Totally read it. No surprise there? Hahaha. Excited to hear more about TMM…..

Comment by TJ

Haha you’re fine! I will keep you posted. =)

Comment by Mikael

Thoroughly Modern Millie?! How exciting I’ve never seen that one, definitely keep me updated and hopefully I will be seeing you on stage soon. :) I’m so happy you’re binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy, it’s really the only way to do it. I hope you were able to watch Glee!

Comment by Ameena

Grey’s just does that to me! It’s both awful and awesome at the same time! Haha… Dude, how fun would it be to do a Grey’s night what with the new season and all? *hint hint* I will most definitely keep you in the loop on which show I’m doing!

Comment by Mikael

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