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Did I make it or what?! by Mikael
September 27, 2011, 4:56 pm
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I feel like a bad performing blogger (not that I can label myself as such) because I have failed to blog about my recent auditions completely.


Which curtain do you think I'll be behind come curtain call time in December? At this point, I only wish I could give a definitive answer...

I auditioned for Thoroughly Modern Millie on September 15 and A Christmas Carol on September 17. My thoughts in auditioning for two shows that majorly conflict each other were that if I auditioned for two, the odds of me getting cast in a least one are much higher.

So imagine my surprise when I made callbacks for both shows! Particularly because the theatre that runs ACC is really hard to break into since they have a very large pool of talent that they tend to use. The fact that I was called back for that was a completely shocking honor!

The callbacks for ACC were fun! I even had a couple flashback moments with people I knew from the music department at the U. Those called back for the Octet (a group of singing people who basically make this classic play a musical) were separated into groups of 4 to sing for the musical director. I auditioned for both soprano and alto. My soprano audition was good and so was my first time at alto. My second round at alto (since there were a lot less altos auditioning) wasn’t as good, so I hoped that they would focus on my first alto audition. :D No word on if I’ve been cast yet.

As I mentioned in my 30 day meme, the TMM callback went really well.That was quickly manifested in getting cast as Muzzy Van Hossmere the very next day! A very fun role (2 solo songs and a couple monologues) even though I’m about 20 years younger than she really is supposed to be.  I’ve already been to a brief runthrough read but my first official rehearsal isn’t until October 4.

If I wasn’t so anxious about hearing about the casting decisions for ACC, I’d probably be more excited about TMM.

Reason being: an insider at the theatre producing ACC informed my aunt that the casting directors thought that I did really well… and I’m still waiting to see if I’ve been cast! They supposedly call the people they cast, and I’ve yet to receive one of those calls. I’m totally cool if I’m not cast because TMM will be a blast to do. And heck, I feel awesome just thinking I got called back! It means I have a chance at getting cast in another show in the future!

But I wouldn’t be so bent up about this if I didn’t know that they thought I did well! The opportunity to perform at this theatre would be absolutely incredible. We’re talking like an “I’ve dreamed of performing there for nearly a decade” opportunity. But alas, the waiting game has been going on for about a week–and I JUST DON’T KNOW! It doesn’t help that a cast list hasn’t been put up and the rehearsals are supposedly set to start this weekend. fufufufufu

I’m trying to stay calm and chill and whatever. But when two good shows are on the line and I can only choose one, the sooner I get an answer, the better things will be for all parties involved.



Late Tuesday night, my aunt informed me that I did not get cast in ACC. However, the insider that she knew at the theatre said that the casting directors were strongly considering casting me for a while… and that makes me feel pretty darn good. Let’s just say that they will definitely be seeing me at another audition with them in the future! =)

So it’s Thoroughly Modern Millie for the win! Now I can be uber excited about being Muzzy Van Hossmere! It really is a fun role so now I can really focus on it. I’m just excited to be in a production again… been way too long!


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so excited for you, Mikael. I hope I am able to come watch =)

Comment by TJ

Thanks TJ! If you want to and are able, why not right? ;)

Comment by Mikael

ah yay! SO EXCITED FOR YOU! I can’t wait to see you on stage :D

Comment by Ameena

Congrats on getting cast!! And the good news is that you made it far enough at the ACC theater that hopefully the next time auditions come around maybe they’ll remember you and be more anxious to cast you.

Comment by terra

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