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FWF ~ What’s your taboo? by Mikael
September 30, 2011, 6:30 am
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What are taboo topics for you to talk about or even think about? That’s exactly what Free Write Friday is about this week!

I won’t lie… I was stumped for a while on this week’s prompt.

Write about one of those taboo topics that you dread even thinking about. Be honest and open about it.

Kellie listed three things that are considered taboo to the typical person: Sex, War/Politics and Religion. If not one of those three things, write about something that you most legitimately fear.

  1. I don’t consider those topics taboo. I just don’t and I’ll go over why in a minute.
  2. At this point in my life, I feel like I have nothing to fear even though I have absolutely no clue where my life will lead me.

So you can see my dilemma… Thus, I’ve decided to talk a little bit about all the taboo topics above and why I don’t think they are so taboo.


Sex is sex–natural. Penises, vaginas, boobs, balls, mouths… whatever! Nearly everyone does it at some point. And most over the age of 10 generally know something about sex (which is overshooting since I became aware at age 7 and who knows with the kids today). Some people choose to “get it on” in public, though most consider it a more private deed. A lot of people like to see it as something special to be shared with someone they love. Others look at it as a sport or a way to suppress the loneliness they can’t seem to get away from. No judgement, I promise (somewhat guilty!).

What I do have a lot to say on regarding sex is comprehensive sex education. Yep, STD’s are spread via sexual contact but that’s why it’s important for you to be careful and at least trust the person you are with. Sex is meant to be fun though! God wouldn’t have made our bodies like this (and Eve wouldn’t have eaten that forbidden fruit!) if he didn’t want us to experience that kind of pleasure and the procreation that can result from sex.

If more people were open about sex, it’s possible consequences, the joy it can bring, etc., there wouldn’t be as many problems with it being taboo.


If I paid more attention to politics, I may have more to say. But alas, I’m pretty clueless ignorant when it comes to politics because I keep hearing about ridiculous rules and laws that different people keep implementing and how good/bad they are. Then I choose to ignore most of that banter, even though I do have opinions (albeit, some are weak arguments, more education needed) on most of the different stances on societal issues  such as abortion, gay rights, taxes, etc. Everyone has their own damn opinion about this kind of stuff and most do a pretty good job of making their voice heard. There’s nothing wrong with that.

I don’t choose sides. I choose who I feel to be the best candidate (and that has yet to happen). Thus why I’m still not registered to vote–and no, I’m not ashamed to admit it. I will register when I actually feel compelled to vote. People tell me that means that I can’t complain because of the economic crisis we are in or because of who is in office, etc. No qualms about that here. I can just blame everyone else. :P

War can have it’s place but I do not think that that is the case in this time and this world. Things were just blown out of proportion (pardon the pun) and blame was set on the wrong people, thus causing more problems. Yes, I’m proud to be an American and am proud of what our men and women in uniform stand and fight for. However, I’m not even sure what they are fighting for anymore. You should probably see my post on why we all need more bloody rainbows.

However, I have become a fan of Michelle Obama. Just saying. Her health movement is awesome and it’s what a lot of people need.


Because of my own recent exploration, I’ve learned that religion is an institution of faith. There are many different religions in this world, and every one is at least slightly different. Some people require the structure and basis of religion rather than just being spiritual. I feel very lucky that I discovered that kind of balance (between spirituality and religion) within the past few months.

What God(s) you choose to believe in is your own business. In fact, I think it’s fascinating that so many people come from different religions. It can make for some enlightening discussions and just proves the awesomeness of our world’s diversity. We wouldn’t all want to be the same or things would be boring. Ragged edges and strange angles always make a painting more interesting.

So what if you’re Catholic, Baptist, Hindu, Amish, or heck, even Mormon? (I know that’s a minimal list; please don’t hate. I’d like to keep this readable.) As long as you try to be a better person every day, then you are pretty darn good in my book. If you believe in a higher being and some sort of salvation, that’s your own prerogative. Live and let live. If you want religion in your life, you can make that happen. Religion doesn’t work for some people and I can respect that.

I found truth unexpectedly and largely on my own agenda. I hope every one else can find that kind of truth sometime in their life, even if it’s not the truth that I happened to discover. It’s this truth that has enabled me to not be afraid.

I just hope I can meet as many people from different backgrounds as I can since I would love to hear about their own opinions on sex, politics, war, religion and culture.

So there are my mini-rants on “so-called” taboo topics. Mostly, I’ve been raised to be open-minded which is why it is rare for me to find a “taboo” topic (however, I recommend not asking how many Finnish mints I ate during Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice last night).

What are topics that you consider taboo and why?

If you have anything you’d like to comment/debate/talk about from this post, I welcome comments and even emails if you want something more private (mikshorty {at} gmail).

Happy Friday everyone! Have a good weekend!


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Yes!!!! Just the type of response I was looking for! Thank u for the awesome contribution this week! You are indeed FEARLESS! ♥

Comment by Kellie Elmore

Working for s government organization means I consider all talk of politics to be taboo, especially since most people don’t generally agree with my thoughts on things. I’ve got no issue talking about these issues though, so long as I’m not in my office.

Comment by terra

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