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Wanna participate in Saying Saturdays? by Mikael
October 1, 2011, 9:07 am
Filed under: Quotations, Saying Saturday

I was really looking forward to posting Saying Saturday today… but unfortunately Evernote doesn’t get that when I press the “home” button to exit the program in order to text, I want it to actually save the note where I have jotted down the witty sayings going on around me.

Literally, all of them from this past week were gone. I have no idea why so I’m kind of upset. Evernote just lost a star in my book. It should have an automatic saving option.

So sorry! No Saying Saturday today! I’ll keep writing them down but I just had a cool idea.

What do you think about Saying Saturdays involving you a little bit more? Is there something hilarious that your niece or nephew said that you want to remember and share? Or what about that kookie old man who sits outside the 7-11? Whatever the quotes may be, I’d love to hear them and share them!

Please send any quotations you think fit Saying Saturday to mikshorty {at} gmail and I will be sure to include them next time! I’m all for a little collaboration, so I hope you participate. I’ll add a button to the side bar to help remind people to contribute in the next couple days.

Have a good weekend!


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I thought of you & your blog last night! I went to meet up with my friend, gave her a hug and caught myself saying:

“If it smells like I have a whole McDonald’s meal in my purse…it’s because I do”

She burst out laughing. Feel free to include ;)

Comment by Simone

Yay! Thanks so much for contributing Simone! I’d love to include it in Saying Saturday! =) I totally know what that is like too… I did that last week.

Comment by Mikael

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