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Blips of September by Mikael

Time for a September recap! A little foreword… you may see hints at what I’ve taken the plunge at. Any guesses? Moving onward!

July ~ August

September was…

Five days spent in sunny and wonderful LA being horribly spoiled. Eating a reincarnation of my favorite meal from Italy. Rose garden walks. Driving an uber-sexy car in downtown LA. Walking the Promenade in Santa Barbera. Being a pinball wizard on the pier. Attending a USC lecture for fun. Beautiful beach walks and frolicking in the Pacific. My best bowling game ever!

See that? Strike, spare, strike, spare, strike? Yeah that's me. ;)

Jacked up sleep schedules. USC vs Utah PAC-12 opener game bet that I didn’t mind losing. Playing with my three-month old baby niece. Pokemon lingerie. National anthems and church performances. Choreographing more Zumba Fitness songs. Obsession with Nick Pitera’s One Man Disney Movie Medley. Spoiling and treating of my car and my laptop (who no longer hates me–Yay!). Grateful to have friends and family on 9/11. The idea that tie-dye should be totally acceptable in the work place. A beautiful full moon. First complete MMA fight experience.

Investigating Screenwriting MFA programs. Writing two 5-page plays for submission to USC’s MFA program. Prepping and taking the GRE. The Utes ass-kicking of BYU (54 to 10; 7 turnovers). The Return of Saying Saturday. The discovering of The Middle Finger Project. The very slow cleaning of my room. Playing Times Up with old friends. Loads more health blogging. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with great friends — best production at Hale Centre Theatre ever!

Two auditions=two callbacks. Ultimate result: Muzzy Van Hossmere in Thoroughly Modern Millie! Way too many Grey’s Anatomy marathons. Continuing the job hunt. Zumba Fitness audition up in my new city of residence. Recording and mixing of three songs in two days. Glee premiere! Grey’s Anatomy premiere! Private Practice premiere! Yippee skippee! Crashing of the boy’s fishing day to take pictures.

My awesome duck face. LDS Magazine internship information meeting that turned out to be an inspirational confirmation instead. Setting a date. Lots of family time.

“Be mine.” ;)

* * *

Love your faces! Hope you had a happy hump day!


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Color me intrigued! I’m looking forward to hearing more about your big plunge! And it sounds like September was a wonderful and busy month!

Comment by terra

There are a couple plunges. One of them is quite literally tomorrow. I’m just surprised at how fast September flew by. Please tell me you’ve posted your September Bytes? ;)

Comment by Mikael

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