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Saying Saturday Vol. XXII by Mikael
October 8, 2011, 1:55 pm
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Saying Saturday time!  Remember, if you have any sayings that you’d like to contribute, feel free to leave them in the comments or by emailing mikshorty {at} gmail.

If you’ve missed previous Saying Saturdays and wish to see them, go here! =)

*   *   *

In Heber, UT with my family the other weekend…

Me:  I heard that Heber is like Farmer’s Country.
Aunt:  Basically.
Me:  That’s kind of cool.
Aunt:  Not really especially when you think of the people who sneeze with one finger covering one nostril so the rest is sneezed out the other side.
Me:  Gross!
Grandpa:  That’s just the way!

Discussing the new things happening in my life…

Mom:  Are you going to post it on Facebook?
Me:  It’s my life. The people who need to know will know and I don’t need Facebook to validate it.
Bro:  Nothing’s official ’til it’s on Facebook.

Office conversations…

Me:  Hey, what’s new?
Coworker:  Nothing ever changes except my outfit!

Coworker:  Ooh, tomato soup!
Me:  Yep!
Coworker:  Where are your crackers?
Me:  I didn’t have any. I wanted a grilled cheese sandwich though. That’s the best combo.
Coworker:  My wife’s kids would get angry when they were little, saying they wanted “boy cheese sandwiches” not “girl cheese sandwiches”.

My brother’s argument for why he doesn’t want to dress up for my baptism today…

Bro: Weekend is supposed to be half-naked day! That’s why no one comes downstairs on the weekends because I lay in my boxers in the LoveSac like this! *sprawls out*
Me:  How terrifying…

After the Utah Utes ass-kicking of the BYU Cougars (54 to 10; forced 7 turnovers = awesome game)…

I think I just heard a collective “F” bomb come from Utah County.

Hanging with Shea and Brandi again last night watching Doctor Who for the first time (for me anyway)…

Me:  Yeah, I’m still not sure what I think on this show yet.
Brandi:  You just know that David Tennant is your favorite Doctor.
Me:  But I haven’t seen the re–
Brandi:  No!  He’s your favorite!

Brandi:  I love this show! It’s amaze-balls.
Shea:  I swear, “balls” is attached to almost everything that comes out of your mouth.
Brandi:  I never thought of that… but now that you mention it, it’s totally true!
Me:  And that sounds totally wrong!

Talking to my family just a few minutes ago…

Mom:  I went in your room and your bed wasn’t made so I left it.
Me:  Thank you. I’m picky with how my bed is made.
StepDad:  You say you’re picky about how your bed is made and yet it’s never actually made.
Mom:  You don’t have anything to say to that, Mikael?
Me: *walking away* No…

Contributed Sayings:

I went to meet up with my friend, gave her a hug and caught myself saying…
“If it smells like I have a whole McDonald’s meal in my purse… it’s because I do.”

*   *   *

Thanks for tuning in and a big thanks to Simone for participating! Remember, you can participate too!

Have an uber-fantastic weekend!


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