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Reflection on 21+1 by Mikael
October 10, 2011, 12:02 pm
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Last year for my birthday post, I decided to list 21+1 things that weren’t going to be so bad about being 22 (since we all know I hate that number).  Let’s take a look back and see which ones actually followed through!

1~ This year, I graduate from college. — Did it! Have the diploma to prove it!

2~ And… I’m stumped. HA! JK (not really… let me brainstorm). This year, I get to go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming with a fabulous friend for Christmas. –CHECK! ;)

3~ This year, I will get my New Years Eve kiss, no matter what it takes. — Yes, I did. In front of my family. Weird.

4~ This year, I’m a bridesmaid in my BFF’s wedding (if we can find flights that Delta Skymiles will cover!) — Totally was!

5~ This year, I will move out of my parents house and get my own place. — Yeah… not so much. Hopefully soon! -1

6~ This year, I will move someplace out of state. *fingers crossed* — Not so much here either. Hopefully at one point. -1

7~ This year, I have an amazing internship with a boss whose recommendation can likely get me a job anywhere I want. — Correction: I had TWO! :) Still waiting on the recommendations to work though.

8~ This year, I’m understanding sports better and better! — True dat. I love me some football.

9~ This year, I’m going back to my music roots for my last semester of college. — Did and LOVED it! Best semester ever.

10~ This year, I am still older than the drinking age limit. — That wouldn’t have changed. Haha…

11~ This year, I look forward to earning a steady income again (post-graduation, that is). — Eh… sort of. -.5

12~ This year, I’ll be that much wiser from my mistakes that I made up to this year. — Oh, yes. Forgiveness was a big part of that this year.

13~ This year, the iPhone should be coming to Verizon Wireless at some point, and it is my full intent to get it. — Hello! Birthday present on its way! Totally counts. ;)

14~ This year, I have a rocking purse to carry around with me (birthday gift)! — Love this purse… it’s a bottomless hole though.

15~ This year, I won’t fall for anyone’s bullshit. — Minus one little fling in spring, this was a much better year for me in this regard.

16~ (I’m scraping the barrel here…) This year, I may or may not fall in love. Either way, I will be happy with my life. — Check and check!

17~ This year, I’m a bridesmaid in my stepbrother’s wedding too! –– Actually, due to family drama this didn’t happen… but I was the last minute DJ! It was awesome. -1

18~ This year, I will be performing with two choirs (hopefully, if the U’s school of music allows me… still waiting on word, but it looks promising.) — Actually three! I was also part of a select group of volunteers to work with Dr. James Jordan for a second time.

19~ This year, I’m the most active and healthy that I have been! — Always a work in progress… there was a bit of a struggle when I started drinking coffee but now it’s under control again. =) -.5

20~ This year, Harry Potter 7 is being released in theatres! That’s most definitely reason to celebrate! — Saw it twice in theaters. Best HP movie ever.

21~ This year, I will be happy just as I almost always am. — Always, always!

22~ I’ll only have to be 22 for one stupid year of my life. ;) — And that year went by super fast! Kind of sad since it did turn out to be awesome… 

So 18/22… That’s not so bad. If it had been 22/22, I would have probably freaked out because those numbers simply don’t belong together. All in all, it really was a great year. Had some wonderful experiences in both of my internships with ABC 4 and with the University of Utah Athletic department. Learned some valuable lessons and did a lot of personal and spiritual exploration (even got baptized over this past weekend!).

Now my birthday is in three days... what should I do for my 23rd birthday post? Any thoughts?


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I think 18 out of 22 is pretty impressive!

Comment by terra

Thanks! I think so too…

Comment by Mikael

I agree with Terra, that’s awesome.

Comment by TJ

22 is totally my favorite number. It has been since I was little. Crazy. I love that you were able to simultaneously look forward and backward with this list. What a great idea! Hope 23 is awesome. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Comment by Ameena

Thanks Ameena! <3's! Haha, is that really your favorite number? That's crazy to me… lol. WHY?!

Comment by Mikael

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