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Addict @ <3 by Mikael
October 19, 2011, 5:00 pm
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Did you know that I have an extremely addictive personality?  Because I do.  If anything has the slightest intention of getting my attention and it’s relatively awesome, you may as well add it to my list.

There are the one word addictions:  Learning. Chocolate.  Music.  Writing.  Grey’s Anatomy.  Need I say more on those?  But then there are other things…

This comic was too priceless not to include in this post...

If I really love a movie, I will buy it when it comes out.  Then I will watch it 20 times before the month is up without shame before continuing to watch it occasionally even though I could likely recite the movie word-for-bloody-word to anyone who would ask. (I’m totally thinking of Titanic, Dark Knight, The Little Mermaid and Sweeney Todd right now…)

As soon as I learned how to play the Pokemon video games, I was hooked.  I own nearly every single Pokemon game that can be played on a portable gaming device.  I played Pokemon Crystal just two nights ago (fave!).  Actually… the same can be said for Sims games too.  I lose track of time so easily when engaged in games like these. It’s pretty ridiculous.

Now books… there are some books that grip me so tightly that I’d rather pluck my eye ball out than put down.  These tend to be series because they continue to have a story to tell.  Case in point: Harry Potter, House of Night series (Destined is coming out in two weeks–whee! Not the best written but nonetheless riveting.), the Paranormalcy series and my newest addiction found in the Talisman series by Brenda Pandos.  Whenever I am reading one of these kinds of books, you might want to take a step back and consider whether you really want to talk to me or not–because odds are, I’m so absorbed in the drama that my attention span is pretty much centered on that and doesn’t have room for anything else until I’m finished with the book.  Sad, but usually true.

But now I have a brand new addiction.  The iPhone 4S.

This thing has not left my side since I found it in the cup holder of my mom’s car on Sunday.  I do not put it down.  It literally goes with me everywhere and I hope you think I’m kidding.  I’m either reading the Talisman series on my Kindle App, playing Words with Friends, texting/FBing/tweeting, laughing at the hilarious shit that Siri says (even though I was very disappointed when she said “Apple doesn’t tell me everything, you know?” when I asked if she knew Steve Jobs), taking beauteous photos and posting them on Instagram, checking out the insane charts that my Sleep Cycle app conjures up about my sleeping habits, and just looking at the thing.  It is Siriously so cool!! (hehe) In a sense, it kind of caters to a couple of my addictions (I’ve yet to watch Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix on it yet). You have no idea how long I’ve wanted an iPhone and now that I have one, I don’t think I’ll ever be happier with another phone. 

Color me in love.

Which brings me to my question… at what point does addiction/obsession become love (or vice versa / if it does at all)?  Because I’m thinking that I love every single one of this things so am I really addicted?  Or do I just love them uncontrollably?  Because technically, when something is addictive, that means it takes away your free agency.  And these things don’t do that necessarily–I choose to engage in them when I want to (even if that means I choose to do that often… because I love them!).  The problem therein lies with when I can’t pry myself away from them once I engage.  See my battle?  I may have issues.

This is why I have never and will never try smoking or drugs… and now I’m off to go read The Sapphire Talisman on my wicked cool iPhone until Zumba (yet another alleged addiction!).


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dude i get so addicted too. it’s a bit ridiculous how i can obsess over something, haha. enjoy your new phone!

Comment by katelin

Will do! Why do we get so obsessed? Jeez… haha.

Comment by Mikael

oh my goodness. i get out of control addicted to EVERYTHING and then i have to completely cut myself off. moderation is a concept completely lost on me. but the sleep cycle app? definitely one of my favorites!

Comment by Ameena

Moderation is overrated in some cases… lol. I love that you use the sleep cycle too!! Any interesting findings in your sleeping hours?

Comment by Mikael

Obsessions! I have a few of those… mostly having to do with writing, the good old Internet and chocolate. :) Yours sound pretty healthy to me.

My only vice that I’m not fond of is Diet Pepsi. I don’t have enough willpower to stop and I know how unhealthy it is. I;ve tried to stop drinking it numerous times only to buy another one. :(

Comment by Angie

I was impossible to talk to for days after I got my iPhone. I couldn’t carry on conversation because I was just so busy marveling over the magical powers of my iPhone. And sometimes I get frustrated by how distracting everything seems now that we’ve all got smart phnes. It’s hard to focus now, knowing it’s right next to me.

Comment by terra

Haha, the iPhone is pretty magical isn’t it? I find if it’s on silent, I’m not nearly as distracted as I am when my phone “quacks” at me whenever a message comes through. Haha! I definitely hear ya…

Comment by Mikael

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