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Saying Saturday Vol. XXIII by Mikael

Oh, boy!  We’ve reached the 23rd volume of Saying Saturday!  Honestly, I recommend reading every single one of these… We have a good mix of humor, sentiment and wisdom this week.  I’d love to know which of these quotes is your favorite.  Let me know in the comments!

Remember, if you have any sayings that you’d like to contribute, feel free to leave them in the comments or by emailing mikshorty {at} gmail.  If you’ve missed previous Saying Saturdays and wish to see them, go here! =)

*   *   *

At dinner with the raucous and fun family of my step-brother last weekend…

Russ:  I eat meat like a ravenous beast.

While discussing Zumba and who would come to the pre-wedding session…

Beth:  The most exercise I got was jumping to conclusions.

During the Zumba pre-wedding session I taught last weekend where we were sweating buckets (I deliver a good workout folks!)…

Laura:  This means I can eat 12 pieces of wedding cake, right? Right?!

Eating the yummy wedding cake…

Mary:  If heaven had a flavor, it would be chocolate.

However, the night before at a yummy Italian restaurant she said something else… Make up your mind, Mary! ;)

Mary:  That’s what heaven tastes like… carbohydrates.

Talking to my step-bro about his wife whom I adore…

Jake:  Anyone can make the worst times better, but to find someone who makes the best times better? Those are the special ones.

The Best Man ended his toast with this little gem…

Remember to live every day like it’s your last… and live every night like it’s your first.  Cheers!

More coworker antics…

CW:  If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands!
Me:  *claps* … Why aren’t you clapping?
CW:  I don’t know.
Me:  Are you not happy?
CW: … Well, I’m not unhappy.
Me:  So you’re content?
CW:  More like happily content.
Me:  Or contentedly happy?
CW:  Something like that.

After Zumba with the girls, talking about how they miss my mom being there…

Shaka: Give her a big hug.  Step back and say that’s from Natty.  Give her another big hug.  Step back and say that one’s from Ashley.  Then give her a big hug and slap her butt.  Say that’s from me.

Other Zumba friend showed up to class covered with glitter…

Natty:  Sparkles puked on me.

Cutest thing my man said about our relationship when I visited him on my layover in LA last Friday…

Warren: It’s like something you’re stuck on and you can’t pry yourself away from.  This is the best kind of fly paper.

Overheard this at play practice Thursday night and about peed my pants…

–  How do you know so much about this stuff? (clubs, where the good parties are, how to get in, etc.)
–  I’m easy.  Not cheap, but easy.

*   *   *

Now tell me which is your favorite! Be sure–if you feel so inclined–to include your own recent clever saying in the comments too!



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I bet heaven tastes like a chocolate croissant. It’s both carbs and chocolate and butter too. It’s delicious.

Comment by terra

Oooh, never tried one but it sounds delicious!

Comment by Mikael

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