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Spooktacular Storytime! by Mikael
November 1, 2011, 12:10 am
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Time for the lovely Spooktacular Storytime as hosted by the lovely Melissa!

It’s still Halloween where I am (LA) so I hope I’m not too late!  These past few days have been nuts and trying to find internet access to do this has been a pain.  Now I’m ready!

Here is the link for my Spooktacular Story entitled the Guardian of Death. It is password-protected simply because it’s a long post (4000 words) so I didn’t want to hog up those of you who’d rather not read my awesome piece of literature. :P

Password: condemned

But seriously, if you want a good short story… you should read it. My step-brother gave it his approval last night and he hates reading.  If that’s not a reason to go punch in that password, I don’t know what is. ;)

However, here is a little preview to start your skin a’crawlin…

“Forget your past life. You are to stay here for a years’ time. After your residency as Guardian, you may return to me when the final spirit has awoken on our side and may take your place. Until then, you will be the keeper of souls. Guard and guide them to where they belong so that I may protect you in return for all time, should you so choose.”

Those were the last words Shannon could remember hearing from the shadows before he opened his eyes.  Looking down, his hands were nothing but moonlit white bone.  In one hand, a long curved blade of a scythe laid bloodless.  How his hands could even grip the sheath, he didn’t know.

Pulling up the cloak of night around him, Shannon arose from the ground, scythe in hand, to find himself surrounded by stone.  Most stone was inlaid in the ground like a nail while some stone stood as though spreading roots of despair beneath them to help them stay upright.  Yet beyond the cemetery, he could see nothing.  He still felt earthbound but he didn’t know why.

All he knew was that he was dead.

* * *

Now go read the rest!! Happy hauntings all my favorite ghouls! *

*Stole that from my mom’s text to me this morning.


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