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Blips of October by Mikael

What a month… what a MONTH!  Yes, October is over and my jaw is on the floor. This year has gone by so stinkin’ fast that I haven’t had time to tie my shoes yet!  Joking, but still.  Seriously, Father Time? Haven’t you heard the phrase “slow and steady win the race”?  You’re treating us like that damn hare who can’t even make it to the finish line! :P

Okay, I really digress back to what happened this October. It was a good one. Emotion filled one. Not so celebration filled since I barely celebrated my birthday and Halloween. Still had a blast though. =)  Now for the nitty-gritty.

July ~ August ~ September

October was…

Attending the LDS General Conference with friends and family–amazing experience.  A moose family and a couple bucks passing through our backyard.  A nasty cold that Zumba couldn’t cure.  Checking out buying a new Subaru so I can make it up the mountain to my house.  Very sad when Steve Jobs left this world for the next.  First snow of the season.  New heating blanket to save myself from the biting mountain cold.  Getting baptized!  Awesome after-party with family too.

Horror movie marathons.  Learning new and obscure words from @way2sharp.  Looking back on my 22nd year.  My birthday month!  Mani-pedi’s with my mom.  Visiting My Man on my layover to Sacramento.  Four flights in less than 80 hours.  Exploring Old Sac Town and finding a lovely Halloween costume.  Delicious pre-wedding and wedding food.  Too many Shirley Temples.  Mucho dancing at said wedding.  A very strange pastor at said wedding too… Rehearsals for Thoroughly Modern Millie.  A new favorite sushi roll: The Red Dragon.

The abandonment of my ridiculously glitchy Droid in exchange for my new addicting iPhone 4S that quacks at me whenever someone sends me a message… Love it!  More chapters added to Alpenglow (this story is my baby if you can’t tell–I’m determined to finish it!).  Countless hours spent reading The Book of Mormon, The Emerald Talisman, The Sapphire Talisman, and Everblue.  Playing with Siri way too much…

Baking yummy peanut butter cupcakes with a wonderful old friend.  Polishing up my full-length script for my grad school app to UCLA.  The release of the The House of Night: Destined book.  Attending an oddly depressing, yet sometimes beautiful, choir concert with my lava. Seeing the amazing dancing antics of Thriller by Odyssey Dance Company.  Better journaling habits, even for my dreams!  Becoming obsessed with John Boy and his Nocturnal Circus EP.  First YouTube videos posted since August to celebrate Halloween.

One last road trip to Las Vegas, then to LA over Halloween for USC graduate information session with my old baby… and of course, to see My Man! =) Spooktacular story!  Soon to be expecting a new baby.  Stay tuned for more on that! ;)

*  *  *

Quite a turbulent month if I may say so! November I may be as broke as blue balls and as busy as a queen bee, but I’m going to try my hardest to enjoy every darn tootin’ second of it.


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I have my iPhone set to wake me up with quacking. It makes me smile every morning.

Comment by terra

Oh, the little things… :)

Comment by Mikael

dang girl! what a busy month! it sounds like you’re having a wonderful time doing it, though. i still have yet to see thriller! i want to so badly though. hopefully next year.

Comment by Ameena

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