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A Thoroughly Modern Update by Mikael
November 9, 2011, 4:51 pm
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If I want this blog to help document my performing endeavors, I need to give an update on the musical I’m currently in. ;)

It’s so crazy to think that Thoroughly Modern Millie opens a month from tomorrow!  We still have quite a bit to do, but it’s been a joy to work with this cast and crew thus far.  The cast is very fun, filled with some great and unique talents (not including my non-existent tap dancing abilities).  The friends I have made already are pretty dang awesome if I may say so (and I do).  There are a few of us who just clicked from day one–and that is the best feeling ever.  I feel like nearly all of us get along really well.  Immediately finding a family within a cast is one of the reasons I love being in a show so much. The camaraderie is awesome!

The first month I wasn’t at rehearsal a lot because I am only in the last couple scenes in Act One.  Now I’m there almost every rehearsal day and I love it! I’ve gotten some great feedback from the director… I get to be a total diva (playing Muzzy Van Hossmere) and the songs I get to sing are the bomb.  A few cast members have even said that I’m better than the Broadway Muzzy… Vocally anyway.  One of my newest friends even gave me a huge hug after he heard me perform my “big” song–after he said that I better be good.  Ha!  I guess I showed him.  :P

I’m still working on making my actions and dialogue much bigger.  Always something to improve!

Watching what has been put together is very fun.  I already have a favorite funny part too.  When I first saw it last weekend, I about died with my pants lined with pee.  Yep… it was that funny.  This is gonna be a good show!  It’s fun and family friendly (discreet–ha!); in other words, just perfect for this time of year! ;)

So if any of ya’ll are in Utah in December, you should hitch up your skirts and come see High Valley Arts‘ production of Thoroughly Modern Millie (you can order tickets from that link)!  We open December 10th and play the 14-17, then 19-22.  The performances on the 14th and 15th include a gourmet dinner apparently (costs a lot more though, just warning ya).

I’ll try and be better with giving updates on Thoroughly Modern Millie.  November and the beginning of December will likely be nuts with rehearsals, but I will do my best.

Ciao belli!


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