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Saying Saturday XXIV by Mikael
November 12, 2011, 8:47 am
Filed under: A Little Me

I guess you can consider this the Halloween edition of Saying Saturday even though it is a week late. I forgot to post it last weekend… oops! That gave me time to gather more sayings though. ;)

Remember, if you have any sayings that you’d like to contribute, feel free to leave them in the comments or by emailing mikshorty {at} gmail. If you’ve missed previous Saying Saturdays and wish to see them, go here!

Discussing my baby nieces costumes for Halloween (Rae is my sister-in-law)…

Me: Oh, what’s her costume?
Rae: A zombie slayer! What else? That’s what you get for having a zombie fanatic for a mother. Maybe next year she can be a vampire.

Bubbles the Clown stole the show at ODT’s Thriller production in Salt Lake City. He had this really raspy, breathy higher pitched voice. Some people in the audience decided to interact with him a bit more by yelling over people’s heads…

Bubbles: Will you add me on Facebook? Or are you old school and still on MySpace?
Kid: MySpace was before Facebook!
Bubbles: You’re five years old, you shouldn’t even be on any of them!

Then when he busted out his sexy singing voice in Skinny Me, I melted into my seat and had to yell something at him…

Bubbles: Moooooooom! Shhhh! She comes to all my shows. She says she’s my biggest fan… Now go away!

Discussing the National Anthem with the DJ at the SteelFist Fight in late October…

DJ: I can never get sick of that song…
Me: Well, except for when people either sing it wrong or mess up the lyrics.
DJ: Oh, yeah. Don’t do a Christina Aguilera.
Me: Oh, I know, that was awful.
DJ: Don’t do a Janet Jackson either. Oh, wait. That was half-time…

At rehearsal for Thoroughly Modern Millie where a girl decided to bring suckers. One of the guys in the cast came to get one unexpectedly…

Me: Are stealing her suckers?
Boy: No, she told me to get one so I’d stop talking.

Rehearsal again, talking about vocal ranges…

Guy: This guy had this range where he could sing bass and then higher than most sopranos.
Girl: … Bitch.

The convo that followed after showing a guy (from the quote above) Nick Pitera’s One Man Disney Movie Medley

Me: If I were to meet him, I’d scream “Marry me!”
Guy: Well, you can have his weeks if I can have his weekends.

Playing with my baby niece…

Mom: Can I style your hair and put bows in it?
Rae: Oh, God no.

Gmail convo with la mia madre… Everyone knows I don’t like Bustin Jieber right?

Mom: did you know justin bieber has a purfume
Me: i always knew he was a girl
Mom: LOL he has a love child
Me: haha i don’t even care. that girl is lying because i know the jiebs is a girl masquerading as a boy
Mom: LOL no doubt
Me: yep. so she’s lying.

Wisdom by the water cooler…

Zach: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
Me: I guess. But if it’s not broken and doesn’t need to be fixed, why not improve it anyway?

Zach: Some people look at things how they are and wonder “Why?” Some people look at things for what they could be and wonder “Why not?” I look at things as they could be and wonder “How?”

Thanks for tuning in! Have a lovely weekend!


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