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Just call me Impulsive… by Mikael

Lately, I can’t help but state this out loud:  “I feel like I’ve been rather impulsive lately.”

And it’s kinda really true!  It’s been a pattern this year, I’ve noticed.

Ever since this summer in particular, I’ve been riding high because of my new-found faith in life–I found some sort of center.  Happiness and peace was mine, so naturally the courage to just jump at things without fear came with that.

My first big moment of impulsivity came with deciding to go to Bloggers in Sin City.  I basically saw the website and decided right then that I had to attend.  No other thought required.  And it turned out to be a fantastic experience that I’d gladly do again!

My new motto is basically summed up like this:

“Why not? I’ll never know if I don’t try!”

The impulse list has since gone to including:

  • Auditioning for The Voice,
  • Blatantly hitting on my office crush,
  • Getting certified to teach Zumba,
  • Getting baptized into the LDS church (though that did take a few months of deliberating so not exactly impulsive in the normal sense–more like impulsive in the way of no one was expecting it),
  • Buying a brand new 2012 Subaru Legacy whom I affectionately named Akasha,
  • Auditioning for two shows within the same week in hopes of getting cast in either,
  • Agreeing to hangout with Thoroughly Modern Millie cast members while in LA even though I’d only known them for a week,
  • Being the last minute DJ for my step-brother’s wedding,
  • Attending a wedding in Sacramento where I only knew a few people,
  • Applying to graduate schools in California,
  • and many more little things that would take a long time to list. ;)

Most recently, I even toyed with the idea of starting the 100 pushups plan and NaNoWriMo (that only lasted a week because grad school stuff is sucking all my creative juices at the moment).

Each of these things were basically decided either right before I did them or by the time the idea hit my head, I knew I’d be going for it even if it took a while to actually get’r’done.

Yep, just call me Impulsive.  Why don’t we just change that on my birth certificate right now?

Almost everything I’ve said “yes” to has been either an amazing experience or an excellent learning opportunity.  Taking life as it comes and as I continue to go for unexpected stars is certainly a good way to go.  I wonder what star will beg for my attention next!

What’s the most impulsive thing you’ve done lately?


Amber Adrian has started the 30 Day challenge of seeing, making and feeling magic every day.  Here’s a bit of the sparkle you’ve missed since yesterday.

  • Memorized 2 scenes last night during rehearsal.  Sparkle, sparkle!
  • Learned and eventually nailed how to do the french inhale with the hookah.  Took me hours to get it…
  • The fact that I’m up and somewhat functioning at all today is pretty magical. Three hours of crappy sleep is hard to battle.

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well clearly i am not stalking you vigilantly enough. you got baptized? congrats!

most impulsive thing i’ve done… oh geez. i don’t even know i’m not good at being impulsive… erm, ya i can’t even think of anything. perhaps i need to work on that.

Comment by kelly anne

Thanks Kel!

Maybe impulsivity (I made that word up) can be something to work on? ;)

Comment by Mikael

Yay for impulsiveness! I’m thinking about signing up for a 10k, which would be pretty impulsive and maybe even a little impressive since I’m not sure I’ve ever run that far and the race is in December…I’m thinking I need to just sign up and DO IT.

Comment by terra

You so should! That would be cool! Be good blog fodder too. ;) If anything, it will be a great judge of character and fitness!

Comment by Mikael

yay for impulsivity!! i feel like i am thinking less and doing more. and even though that sounds insane, i’ve never been happier. congrats on all the things! especially that french inhale haha i’ve tried and failed many a times.

Comment by Ameena

[…] helped break me out of my bubble of over-thinking things. That first year (2011), I started taking more chances and trusting that things would turn out alright even if I just… leapt. And I frickin’ […]

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