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Let someone know you! by Mikael
November 28, 2011, 10:56 pm
Filed under: Family, Friends, Kurious, Love, Words of Wisdom

I admit to shamelessly having a Grey’s Anatomy marathon tonight, so don’t judge…

In one of the episodes I re-watched, a shooter overtakes the hospital. There is a moment when he is faced with a surgical intern who immediately starts listing details from her life like where she’s from, what her family is like and more. In a way, this killer now knows more about her than most of her colleagues at Seattle Grace Hospital. She later reveals (because the shooter told her to run rather than pull the trigger) that she’d heard on Oprah that telling a killer personal details about you makes them see you as a person and less likely to kill you. This got me to thinking…

If you were face-to-face with a killer or any kind, what kind of details would you divulge to make you seem more like a human being who deserves to live? What details would you tell them so they would spare your soul? Would you keep it to shallow details or would you tell them really really personal things? And lastly, do you think it would make a difference?

I think what got me thinking the most was that a lot of people don’t even tell their friends about these little things… at least until the subject of them comes up anyway. Their closest friends, yes, but every day run-of-the-mill friends probably aren’t as privy to that information. Heck, my own family doesn’t know everything about me and I consider myself really close to them.

There are always seems to be some details you either keep hidden or push aside, either because you don’t want to admit it for fear of being judged or because you’d rather forget it ever happened. Or there could be the rare case where you want to keep something to yourself so you can savor it on your own. Or sometimes a detail is not meant to be shared for a legitimate reason.

Another thing this episode reminds me of is that life is too damn short to not do what you love, to not spend time with the people you cherish, and life is definitely too short to not tell the one you love how you feel. Some of the reasons we were given these lives in the first place is to gain experience, learn from mistakes and succeed wherever possible. Not to mention to love unconditionally… even if it’s not required.

I bet that is a common question most people ask themselves… “Who am I?” That’s something that those reasons for living in the aforementioned paragraph can help you define. I can say that that is definitely one of our objectives while on this earth–discovering ourselves. But once we uncover that little mystery, how many people do we actually allow to know us in our truest form? How many people do we let down our guard for to share those details we may have hidden away?

Just something to think about…

So who have you allowed to know all of the little details that make you you? And what would you tell someone who was poised to kill you?


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I also remember seeing that episode of Grey’s and that particular sentiment with the shooter aligned with some information I learned in a self defense course. I have made a mental list of a few very personal, very heart-wrenching things to tell any potential killer to make him/her feel some kind of compassion for me, along with the regular “I love baby kitties but not cats, I can’t eat olives or popcorn and had stitches in my face four times before I turned 6.” type of information.

You know, just in case.


Comment by heidikins

Thanks for your reply Heidi! So they actually do teach this kind of stuff? Your little details are pretty charming… I’m with you on the kitty vs. cat thing. ;)

Comment by Mikael

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