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What’s in a username? by Mikael
November 30, 2011, 11:42 am
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How much stake do you put into your online identity or usernames?

I’m having a bit of an online identity crisis… Would you please help a girl out?

If you haven’t noticed yet, I created a second Twitter account @MikaelShort if nothing more than to reserve my own name on the website. You never know! I could make it big one day and I wouldn’t want someone out there pretending to be me! ;)

The plan was to have it be music-centric (unlike my general Twitter @blondekel13) … but now I’m starting to second-guess myself.  Why should I have to separate my music from my general account? Music makes up a huge part of who I am, so why couldn’t they all just be one?

It’s not difficult to switch between two accounts on my trusty iPhone so that’s not a pain… yet.  So I’m in need of opinions on whether to combine the two into just @MikaelShort or keep them separate. 

On one hand, blondekel13 has been my handle across the web for years. On most websites like Formspring and Twitter, I can change it to MikaelShort easily. But on websites like YouTube, I don’t have that luxury so many people (like my many, many subscribers on YT and Twitter) know me as blondekel13 and not my real name. I don’t want to cause any confusion among them… plus it would take a bit of time to change everything over.

On the other, it would be nice to consolidate my “brand” (for lack of a better term) to just one name. I’m not worried about the privacy issue because I’m notified who follows me; if I don’t want someone to see my tweets, I can just block them. Plus, my blog name is a direct descendant from my real name so the two would better match too. I wouldn’t mind changing everything over to my real name if just to stay consistent (that I can change anyway). And again, like I said, there is no reason why I need to separate my music from my general Twitter feed because music plays such a huge part in my life anyway!

This is where you come in (pretty please with lots of whipped cream and sprinkles on top!)… Do you think I should consolidate all of my accounts into my real name or stick it out with @blondekel13 and keep my music separate?

I would really appreciate any input/opinions on this topic. My whole online identity kind of depends on this… ;)


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hmm. I’ve wondered about this myself- what is the life of a username? will there come a day that I no longer want to be known by my alias, which has long ago become a running joke among my now very real life friends in social media?

would I use my very common name, or adopt a new username? there is meaning behind my current username- what began as a pseudonym has become part of my identity.

for now, I’ve decided that anyone in my offline life, like friends and family not active in social media can find me online if they’re interested. online contacts can easily discern my legal name and location, if they want. I see no particular advantage to taking a position right now, particularly since I might remarry someday. I doubt that retaining the wasbund’s last name would garner much acceptance from his successor. you might consider the life expectancy of your current last name, and that might make one choice stand clear.

Comment by verybadcat (Catherine wells) ;)

You make some awesome points (marriage may be a WAYS away for me, but it’s still interesting to think about). I still love that you call him your wasbund… so creative. ;)

Comment by Mikael

If I were you, I would prefer having two identities…..I think it always helps. Moreover, I can kind of surely say that you’re attached to ‘blondekel13’ considerably well. And you know this is actually a great thing. With this virtual identity of ours, we let one more interesting personality out of us unknowingly and happen to meet many more interesting people out there. I don’t see a reason why we should stop that? As Djockhere, I’m kind of funny, smart and may be spontaneous too but I’m not sure if the people who know me in person think the same way about me. Successfully having two personalities is not possible by every Joe out there and since, you’ve done quite well so far, my pick is just going with two identities. And yes, it’s also better to keep your real name reserved since……….well, we never know :)

PS: I’m not the best adviser in this world and so, let me tell you there were some cases that my suggestions did not do quite well =D

Comment by Djock here

I don’t know if I want to call blondekel13 another “personality” of mine, because it’s still completely “me”. It’s not so much two personalities as it is two differently centered accounts. You’re giving me lots to think about… Haha! Thanks for your input Djock!

Comment by Mikael

i like blondekel, and i think you should just put everything on that one :) it cute. and even if you make it big, plenty of stars have twitter accounts that aren’t their name.

Comment by kelly anne

Very true! I didn’t know I’d get so many advocates to keep blondekel13 but it does make sense… it’s the name I’ve established my online presence with. Thanks Kelly!

Comment by Mikael

I think you should try and consolidate everything into one account @MikaelShort. It makes it easier for people to find you, eliminates confusion, and creates a more consistent experience for fans and friends.

You can make your Twitter account more music-centric, and that’s OK. But just remember, as an artist, your brand can be bigger than that.

Do thousands of people follow Justin Beiber just to get music updates? Or do they want fun insights from his personal life along with that? If you only tweet about music 24/7, it may get stale, so don’t be afraid to mix it up! Feel free to apply the 80/20 rule to your Twitter account, and see how it’s received.

Hope that helps!

-Wes Davenport

Comment by Wes Davenport

Way to make this a two-sided argument (and difficult for a girl to choose)! I’m starting to think that to encapsulate me, consolidation is definitely necessary. I’m discovering that everything I tweet about (music, blogging, little weird tidbits) should all stay together because it all is my brand… Now it’s down to whether it’s blondekel13 or MikaelShort. It would eliminate confusion for sure to change to my real name. My only worry is that I’ve established myself as blondekel13 for the past three years–will people still stick around if I change it?

Comment by Mikael

Perhaps I’m oversimplifying it, but what’s more important: the username or what you’re posting under it?

Comment by Wes Davenport

Good question. Probably the latter…

Comment by Mikael

This is something ipondered too and eventually went full on with adopting my online identity at terrabear. I used to have different names for different platforms but I’ve largely consolidated everything. I think it’s easier to have one name, one identity.

Comment by terra

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