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Blips of November by Mikael

For some reason, I feel like November was the longest month ever… even though it went by really fast.  Contradictory, I know.  Let’s just say it’s hard to believe that I’ve only known my Thoroughly Modern Millie family for such a short period even though I feel like I’ve known a couple of them for years! (Who’s going to come see it?  Tickets on sale at HighValleyArts.org!  Runs Dec. 10-22!)

Anyhoodle!  Onto this month’s recap!

November was…


Santa Monica pier and numb toes.  A creepily accurate Zoltar fortune.  Never wanting to leave the flat I rented for two days in LA.  Meeting Skylar Grey— she is amazing, by the way.  A USC graduate information session that has me totally convinced that I should attend there (if I get in).  Many blasts from the past.  Paranormal Activity 3.  Having someone to sing with on the ride home–so fun.  Getting only 4000 words into NaNoWriMo.  First frost of the season.

My new baby Legacy.  New addictions.  THIS close to happy weight again!  Continued obsession with John BoyCompletely memorized for TMM!  New part-time job as assistant to a realtor/interior designer and enjoying every minute of it.  Fitting into pants I haven’t worn since I bought them two years ago.  Attending my first social events with my ward.  Feeling the first songwriting inspirational kick in a long time!  Polishing up USC graduate school application materials for their Screenwriting MFA program.

Having the greatest friends a girl could ask for.  Pulling out the Christmas music (and decorations for Mom) full monty!  Late nights of ping-pong, singing and hookah with TMM friends…  Dream journaling with far-too-vivid and far-too-strange dreams.  New boots! My first day completely being lazy in a LONG time–lots of video game time.  Being grateful for my electronically heated bed every single night… and then not wanting to leave it in the mornings.  Discovering that my life is/was like a YA novel against my will.  Recording my anthem and getting rave reviews on YouTube. =)

Looking for and making magic!  An amazing high school production of Aida.  Grey’s Anatomy marathonsBreaking Dawn.  Lots of Cap’n Crunch All Berries.  Being able to watch Netflix and Hulu Plus on a big screen rather than my iPad (AWESOME!).  Buying arguably the hottest dress that will hit the stage in TMM.  Playing with old Clayton Productions buddies.  Reading HoN: Destined.  Completely re-making MikaelShort.com while starting an online identity crisis because I felt the need to reserve my real name on TwitterAttending my first Ute (and consequently, their last) game of the season!

Love.  Doubt.  Leaving marks.  What’s right and what’s wrong.  What is necessary in a relationship.  Faith. 

Now who’s ready for December?

*   *  *

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Dude! Your month sounds amazing and it sounds like there are a million amazing things happening in your life right now. Congratulations on being off book for TMM, for the weight loss and for all the exciting things coming your way!

Comment by terra

Thanks Terra! It does feel like a lot of good things are happening…

Comment by Mikael

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