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Saying Saturday XXV by Mikael
December 3, 2011, 1:59 pm
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Thanks for tuning into the 25th issue of Saying Saturday! Click the banner to see past volumes. =)

After Thoroughly Modern Millie rehearsal one day and I can’t help but react to things in an elaborate manner…

Me:  I’m in “Muzzy” mode; everything is larger than life!

My friend Ry (featured in previous Saying Saturdays) from TMM is just a gem…

Ry:  Every gay man in the world should know the way to my heart is through chocolate and diamonds!

Hanging out and doing hookah with a couple cast members…

Me:  I inhaled on the inside.  I mean my  mouth.

Me:  You don’t want to if you don’t have too.

Ry:  I have the world in the imprint of my hand.

Ty:  That laugh is so cheerful I feel like I’m running through a field.

After getting insanely lightheaded post-getting up so I hinged at the hips and rested my head on the bed…

Ty:  Quick! Get on the bed of safety!
Me:  I am on the bed of safety!!!

My tribute to one of my favorite movies (who can guess which?) that night because Ry and Ty were exhaling insane amounts of hookah smoke…

Me:  Where they disappear into a cloud of smoke and discuss becoming masters of the universe!

Asking about the french inhale because it looked sooo cool (and insanely sexy, but let’s not go there)…

Me:  Is it hard? Does it hurt? Does it burn?
Ty:  Those are such virgin questions.

Hanging with Brandi again!

Me:  Awesome-sauce is awesome.
Brandi:  It is awesome!

Watching an amazing production of Aida where the stage kisses were pretty good (and being deprived of kissing anyone at the time sucked) so I whispered…

Me:  Oh, to be kissed… Best. Thing. Ever!

A word swatch at rehearsal this morning talking with the girls about how guys suck…

Me:  I would have gone down to Cedar to slap his pinks cheek!

At church a couple weekends ago, a woman brought her two kids to the ward since she was performing. I turned around and this is what her son said…

Kid:  None of these people are married!
Me:  This is a singles ward, little man.
Kid:  Weird!

Water-cooler moments again!

Zach:  Hello, oh tall one…

An awesome conversation I shared with someone over my Formspring… The bolds are questions the guy asked, the regular my responses. 

You’re a genie in a bottle. How would you sweet talk me into letting you out?

Whoever said that I wanted to share my magic? Because if you let me out, then I’d owe you three wishes and who knows what kind of crazy things you would wish for (world peace/destruction, etc.)? I’ll keep my magic in my bottle with me. Thanks for asking!

World peace would be okay. Considering all the turmoil in the world. Actually the plan was you and I would hop on your magic carpet and find a deserted island somewhere. I’d have you turn it into a tropical resort with a casino. That’s where all the rich

You’d have to promise me full reign over everything and anything I say goes. ;)

Heck no. You’re my genie and you’ll do as I say! Now back to your bottle!

See? Now we are back to where we started… Hahahaha.

*   *  *

Remember, if you have any sayings that you’d like to contribute, feel free to leave them in the comments or by emailing mikshorty {at} gmail. If you’ve missed previous Saying Saturdays and wish to see them, go here!

Have a fantastic weekend!


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