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To be a big deal… by Mikael
December 8, 2011, 12:48 pm
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In the upcoming last round of the battle between Twitter handles (thanks to all of you who have contributed arguments for either side!), one question keeps popping into my head.

What is it that I want to accomplish?

Don’t you hate it when you are faced with a question you want to answer but have no frickin’ clue where to begin?

I’m an aspiring writer/editor who is also a wannabe performer.

…so tell me whatcha want, whatcha really, really want…

I want to have a portal where all of this can be manifested (aka: MikaelShort.com).

But with this I see an issue… I’m not a big deal yet so would it really make a difference? Is what I call myself on online the end-all-be-all for my identity, both physically and virtually?

After a Google of both my name and my usual username, blondekel13 came up with about 13,000 more search results than my name (22,000 vs. 9,000). That is easily because of my YouTube videos and recordings which have made their way around several probably not-so-legitimate mp3 and video websites. I’m guessing this isn’t a good method to help me make this decision?

Luckily, I’ve made the decision to consolidate Twitter to just one account… but still the name is up in the air. GAH! This really isn’t as simple as it appears to be. Time for more comparisons/contrasts… for some reason, I believe laying it all out can help.

MikaelShort Argument

  • I’d love to have MikaelShort be my universal go-to name. It’s my name. The envelope of me fits perfectly inside it. I don’t plan on changing it anytime soon. It even has seamless ring to it! *bells*
  • MikaelShort would present a solid identity since it would match my website and the connection between that and my blog would make sense. Changing to MikaelShort could be a smart move as far as keeping a stream-lined online identity goes.
  • It would be really nice to present a single face to future employers, industry professionals, friends and family–reduce confusion of names.
  • When I make it big, I want to be known by my name and not by something I made up as a senior in high school. MikaelShort isn’t as “teenager” as blondekel13 is as far as professionalism goes.
  • I’ve seen a lot of my friends on Twitter change their handle (which did cause a little confusion when I first noticed but it worked in most cases), some even to their real names. Each for different reasons, but I wouldn’t be alone if I did change it.

blondekel13 argument

  • I love blondekel13–I should; I’m the one who made it up on January 5, 2007 when I wanted to create a YouTube account to favorite awesome videos (yep, I totally remember had Heidikins look it up for me).
  • I’ve established myself online with blondekel13. Because of the somewhat-reputation and timelines that have stemmed from my accounts with this name, it’s really hard to think of bagging it. People often refer people to my stuff online by sharing this username.
  • I already talk about music, writing, blogging and what-have-you with blondekel13. It’s not like blondekel13 is some kind of identity that I’m hiding behind… it’s always been me.
  • And I would likely lose all my prior @ conversations on Twitter if I were to change it. That would make me sad.
  • My friend Kelly made a great point that many celebs don’t use their real name on Twitter and such (because I totally hope to reach “big deal” status one day).

I know this is such a minor thing in comparison to other things going on. The question of how much a name is worth is blowing my mind.

It’s consuming me!

Not entirely, but I felt like being a little melodramatic. =D

You’re probably sick of this drabble now… my internal dialogue just isn’t as good as blogging sometimes. Things can get confusing in there what with the boy-crazed thoughts, wondering what I’m going to eat next, song lyrics and movie quotes running around in rapid succession.

Plus blogging often gets responses from others. ;)

PS: This really is the last round. The next time you hear about this, I will have made a decision.


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I have my real name and my online name and I do not ever mix the two. Ever. If I had my way I would keep my last name off the interwebs completely, but I also don’t have any aspirations to be a star. An author, definitely, but I’ve already got a penname picked out for that. :)


Comment by heidikins

Ooh, a pen name? :) I wonder what it could be. I can see why a lot of people do what you do, so you’re fine! It preserves privacy.

Comment by Mikael

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