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Funny thing about stress… by Mikael
December 10, 2011, 1:05 pm
Filed under: A Little Me, Fitness, Good Things, Health, Updates, Venting

If you know anything about me, know this–most of the time, I don’t recognize when I’m stressed. Usually it just piles on until I break completely and that usually involves tears with lots of Cadbury. Just recently, I’ve discovered a way to tell how I’m stressed even if it’s the absolute worst thing in the world (that is, when you’re as obsessed with kissing as I am).

Cold sores. Usually they plague me when the weather is shifting, mostly from fall to winter and winter to spring. It’s genetic; they have hit me ever since I was a kid. Unfortunately, ever since October, I’ve suffered 3 cold sores about two weeks apart. One just sprung up two nights ago and I couldn’t help thinking, “This is NOT normal to get them this often!” So I started thinking of reasons why this could be happening…

I realized that I never changed my toothbrush head from my first cold sore, so I figured that could be a culprit. My chapsticks and such may need a shave off the top too to prevent them holding onto the bacteria. A couple things to fix and I should be good to go, right?

While I’ve been concentrating on the physical things to fix to ensure this pattern of cold sores comes to a stop, my mom said, “Cold sores happen when you’re stressed.”

That never even crossed my mind. As I started to think about it, I didn’t think I was that stressed but apparently, my body has been so it’s manifesting that in this nasty pattern.

Ever since I got busy with the play I’m starring in October, I haven’t been working out consistently. Mostly it’s just been the minimal dancing I do in the show and maybe a few pushups here and there… Here’s the thing: workouts are my ultimate stress-buster.

This morning, I finally had a morning off of rehearsal (since we open tonight! YAY! Get tickets here.) so my mom and I went to Pole Fitness (which I haven’t done since October 11… ugh, too long!), got our rear ends kicked really good then went to Zumba. It felt so wonderful to just bust out for my first Double Whammy Saturday (as I like to call them) since September! My heart clearly loved me because it throbbed in my throat for much of it–amazeballs, seriously.

As we drove home, I realized how revitalized and free I felt from those two hours of heart-pumping goodness. I thought I was happy and stress-free, but this morning really proved me wrong. I haven’t felt this good in months!

I feel like I can take on the world!

The bottom line?  I need my workouts. They really do keep me sane and stress-free. And hopefully, cold sore-free too… Damn things totally kill my mojo.


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