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Saying Saturday XXVI by Mikael
December 17, 2011, 11:48 am
Filed under: Family, Friends, Good Things, Holidays!, Laughs, Quotations, Remembering

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Something that has been said to me a couple times over the course of Thoroughly Modern Millie by a couple cast members… 

We’re going to kill you and then steal your voice box.

Gee, thanks guys. :P

Backstage getting ready…

Me: Bra swap time!
Christin:  At least bra swap is better than Wife Swap.

Remember how I lost one of my ear phone covers?

Bro:  I thought you lost that side of your ear phones…
Me:  I did, so I replaced it with a large one but it hurts when I put it in all the way.

Whenever my mom announces that I’m doing a play to someone…

Mom:  She’s doing Flogging Molly!

At the Christmas party at my house a couple weeks ago.
Showing my mom’s ginormous closet off to my friends…

Carlos:  It’s like a mini-Sex and the City closet!

Carlos:  Are angels coming down?
Me:  Oh, there’s music throughout the house.
Brandi:  The closet is pretty heavenly.

My mom is a master at making martinis, but the thing is… they are insanely strong albeit insanely delicious.

Carlos:  Think of it as being 90% chocolate and 10% alcohol.
Brandi:  It’s so totally not, but we can say that. ;)

On me not drinking…

Carlos:  It’s like living in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory but not eating the chocolate!

Brandi:  It’s not very Mormon of you to be having fun when when you should be married with kids.
Me:  Eff that!
Brandi:  That’s my girl…

And the random conversations…

Brandi:  I love killing zombies! I’m so ready for the zombie apocalypse. When it comes, we are going to the Costco on 56th and State since they sell guns, ammo and they have a shit-load supply of water and food. Basically we could lock the doors and stay in there. We’d just have to guard the front door.

Brandi:  I would marry a guy just for his last name.

Brandi:  The Kardashian’s are famous because their father got OJ off and Kim got Ray-J off.

It’s not the size, it’s how they navigate.

Office Chatter
After hearing about the recent shooting at Virginia Tech at work…

Me:  I saw a tweet about someone not wanting to go to Virginia Tech because it seemed like killing was their job.
Bro:  That’s what happens when it’s legal to marry your first cousin.

Me:  We’re taking about how in some states it’s legal for you to marry your cousin.
CoWorker:  Austin (my bro), I thought we had already discussed this and you’re back to it?

Zach:  How are you doing today?
Me:  Just another day in paradise. You?
Zach:  Another day with parasites.

*   *   *

Thanks for tuning into Saying Saturday!


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