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Do I just have shitty car luck or what? by Mikael
December 29, 2011, 6:38 pm
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How many of you have been rear-ended? *raises hand*

Last night, quite simply, sucked.

So there I was on my way to the bank after work. The cars in front of me slow down. Nothing new. I slow to a stop and look up at my rear-view window.

That car is coming in much too fast, I think. Just a second later, I notice the change in the guys face as he’s realized that the line of rush hour traffic in front of him is at a stop.

Oh, shit, is all I can think before…


Yeah… my brand new baby car that I haven’t owned for more than two months received a rear-end beating. I wasn’t hurt in the crash (as far as I can tell) but… my poor baby!

Approximately $3700 in damage... lovely.

The guy who hit me? His whole front end was pretty crunched up. He couldn’t even move it out of the way so he blocked traffic. It was leaking some kind of fluid… a lot of it. Cops were called, insurances were swapped, and I froze my toes off since I was in my work shoes which have no insulation.

Plus my heart was falling apart! I can’t stand seeing my baby Akasha in such pain! And after her little flat tire two weeks ago (not to mention the tire blow-up I experienced in August), this just wasn’t kosher car karma for me. I better have excellent car karma in the next year because… yeah, this was just awful.

Mom came to the rescue though, followed me drive Akasha–complete with bungee cord in place to hold that flapping side in–to my grandparents house (all while sobbing like a little girl the whole way since I refused to cry in front of a cop) for the sake of ease to get it fixed faster, and then drove me to some much-needed Zumba. It was quite the sensation when I started dancing and my spine popped from top to bottom. I felt a little better afterwards, but Mom said I looked stressed throughout the whole class. Why do you think that was? Hmmmm?! Just look at that picture!!! *cries*

Oh, and about 50 yards behind our crash, another rear-ending occurred at some point after ours. We learned that when I drove to my grandma’s house. Seriously, people? Are people driving through their Christmas coma state or what?

Takeaway Lesson for the Day:
PAY ATTENTION while driving. Be present and aware of what’s going on around and in front of you. And for God’s sake, don’t text and drive. Don’t GPS and drive. Don’t… just don’t mess with any device other than your steering wheel and/or shifting stick while driving. Oh, and don’t drink or smoke and drive. Then you’re just asking for much more trouble (and probably a night in jail).

Well, let’s suffice it to say that I didn’t make it to the bank like I planned and I have to have a rental car for the next few days once the approval from the guy’s insurance goes through.

Wishing you all good car karma!


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I’m pretty sure smoking and driving isn’t illegal. If its in utah, I know where I want to move!!! There’s nothing I hate more than the jerk who smokes with their window down forcing the second hand to go in the vents of the cars around them.

So glad you’re ok, Mikael…..

Comment by TJ

Thanks TJ! I mean more smoking stuff like pot and whatnot. Haha… And I agree on that second-hand car smoking!

Comment by Mikael

I had bad car luck with my last car. Just a month after getting it someone backed a toe hitch into the front of it and dented the bumper. Then my ex got rear-ended in it. Then he ran into a light pole with it. Then my in-laws ran into it while it was parked and wanted me to commit insurance fraud rather than tell their insurance company what actually happened. Good times, really.

I’m just glad you’re okay and that no one was seriously injured!

Comment by terra

Wow… sounds like your last car was a magnet for trouble. Scary!

Comment by Mikael

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