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Twenty-Eleven by Mikael

Wow… has a whole year gone by since my first New Years kiss? Craziness!

2011 seemed to be the year of big things and big changes all around (my friend Caryn included a great list of the big news that hit this year in her 2011 recap post) It was also rather impulsive in a few respects.

Let’s see… what happened this year?

~  My step-brother and my best friend got married. Oh, and my adorable baby niece was born too. =)

~  I finished writing not only one but three plays. Varying in lengths, granted. But still… One full-length play was in there and that is definitely something worth celebrating in my book.

~  That college degree I worked on for four years was completed. Yep. I’m a college grad. That means you gotta do what I tell you! Just kidding, but definitely empowering.

The most fun weekend of my life at Bloggers in Sin City. A completely impulsive decision to go with absolutely no idea how it would turn out, and I was blown away by the wonderful bloggers/friends that I got to tear apart Vegas with all while experiencing some sweet VIP treatment.

~  I got to experience the world of broadcast journalism with my summer internship at ABC 4 News… and they have extended a job offer for me to be a production assistant. I start this coming week (and my horoscope totally predicted this one dead on… blew me away). =)

~  Auditions for The Voice turned out to be a phenomenal experience.

~  My family and I moved to Park City. Luckily I have an electronically heated blanket for my bed or I’d likely be a popsicle right now.

~  A pool of water washed away any of my previous “sins” when I got baptized.

~  Akasha, my beautiful baby 2012 Subaru Legacy (who is currently in the shop since someone rear-ended me this week), joined my family in November.

~  I got the opportunity to perform in a musical for the first time in nearly 5 years. There I made some amazing friends and even a soul sister. There really is nothing like being in a show!

~  Last and certainly not least, but I fell in love. A couple times actually. The love affair with my body fully hit me back in the spring… as for the other “fall”, it took me by surprise and it’s been the biggest roller coaster I’ve ever experienced. Who knows if anything will really come of it? Only time will tell really. Fingers crossed for good things though. ;)

Not a shabby list, all things considered. So many emotions fill these past 365 days… I can’t even list them all. Thinking about listing the names of the books I read this year seems daunting too. I read a butt-load of books this year amidst everything else! The Kindle app makes it so easy…

Quick! Onto bloggy 2011 stuff before I start going off on books!

Top 5 Most Popular Posts in 2011

My Top 5 Favorite Posts (aside from those listed above)

Life goes on and 2012 is just waiting for us to hold on tight before it heads off like those fireworks we’ll all see shooting across the sky tonight.

For me, 2011 was the year of new territory, taking the plunge and embracing everything for all it’s worth.

* * *

What was the best thing about 2011 for you?


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Thanks for the shout- out! YOU GOT A JOB! HUGE CONGRATS! That is so exciting & I’m so happy for you! What city will you be in? and congrats on graduating college! you have so much to be proud of this year!

Comment by Caryn

You’re welcome and thank you! It’s a part time job with ABC 4, but it’s a foot in the door. I’m very excited to start! It’s just in Salt Lake City.

Comment by Mikael

Ummm – what Caryn said about the job – go figure I want to say the same thing and she beats me to the punch! CONGRATULATIONS!! I’m so happy for you!! And graduating college? Also a big YAY.

Comment by terra

Thanks Terra!! <3

Comment by Mikael

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