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Blips of December by Mikael

December surely was a crazy month. Most of it has been fun, don’t get me wrong, but… dang… a lot of stuff went down and not all of it good. Luckily for you, I like documenting mostly the good stuff. Be warned though: An entire paragraph below will be dedicated to Thoroughly Modern Millie happenings. ;)

December was…


The last of Thoroughly Modern Millie rehearsals. Awesome opening and closing night cast parties. Dressing room dance parties. Killer dresses. Washing 2 pounds of hair spray out of my hair for days (not to mention the layers and layers of makeup). Documenting the wonderful hairstyles my wonderful friend Ryon made with my hair. Doing a scene all while either being poked by a safety pin or with only one earring. Silently cracking up backstage because of the hilarity on stage. Hearing that I should be making it big from a big PR guy (why can’t a guy hook a girl up?!). A man confessing his love for me after one show. Making friends with the adorable stage hands who brought me Reese Sticks during intermission. Humongous family cheers that made my day–love them! A fantastic run of a fun show with a cast that I fell in love with. Performing!!!

Hilarious moments at our Christmas party. No cavities. Over thinking. Cold sores again. Crooning dog. Ice cream dates with adorable surprises. Soul sisters!Attending a Pagan Yule ritual (so cool!) while trying not to hack up a lung (not so cool… stupid cats). In too deep. Sporadic Christmas shopping. Sub for Santas. Donating every chance I got. New things!

The return of my Double Whammy Saturdays (Pole Fitness & Zumba). Singing duets with awesome friends. Late night chats. New rockin‘ Zumba classes closer to home! Pretty red nails that last! Discovering that I’m most productive at coffee houses. Lots of poems. Happy weight again!

Owning my online identity. Learning and excelling at using a curling iron on myself! Fun audition week at Park City TV to be an intern. Job offer from ABC 4! One kiss to add to the top of the memorable list (should I do an update? that post was a while ago and lots of kissing has happened since)…

Flying down to Vegas for Christmas with my dad. Too much sleep. Too much relaxing. Way too much food. A poolside Zumba sesh. Playing with my puppies. Being introduced to DragonVale. Becoming addicted to DragonVale. Reading The Hunger Games, The Cloud Prophet Series and The Accidental Billionaires. Watching A Christmas Story for the first time. A Venetian Christmas outing. Seeing The Darkest Hour with Vegas buddies.

Fender-benders and flat tires. A kick-ass replacement for Akasha while she gets fixed. Broken Macbook charger. Strange coughing attacks. Inspiration for a new story. Magic in the snow. A private midnight tour of a 5-diamond resort. Awesome recording and mixing times on my newest cover!

Giving my soul sister the courage to get her New Year’s kiss from a stranger. Saying goodbye to 2011. Throwing snow confetti on people while screaming “Happy New Year!”

*   *  *

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I am genuinely so so sad I missed your performance. I really wanted to see it! Stupid life getting in my way. And yes, please DO kiss and tell :)

Comment by Ameena

It’s okay! I have the DVD of the show, so you can watch it. ;)
Haha… I’m still debating if kissing and telling in this case is smart or not.

Comment by Mikael

What a crazy month! Congratulations on your success in TMM! I’m so happy for you and it sounds like you had an amazing and wonderful time.

Also, tell me – how coordinated do I need to be for Zumba? I want to do but am totally uncoordinated and am afraid I will fall over and die of embarrassment.

Comment by terra

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