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Hey Mr. Producer! I need help, sir! by Mikael
January 5, 2012, 9:20 pm
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Ever since Thoroughly Modern Millie finished its run just a couple short weeks ago, I can already feel the fairy fluttering inside me as she screams, “Do another show! NOW!”

Alas, I have picked up two new part-time jobs.

  1. My production assistant slot at ABC 4 News that I just started on Wednesday (and am completely loving!).
  2. And my internship with Park City TV which virtually starts next week but I’m already doing work for them from home since my audition week was just that stellar.

But of course, I just have to hear about local auditions for Chicago as soon as my daily schedule goes into intense mode. What musical theater girl wouldn’t die to be in that show? Seriously… Velma would be a killer role to play, just saying.

Without thinking, I signed up for an audition time a couple weeks away on Tuesday night. Remember how I started work at ABC 4 on Wednesday? I quickly realized my mistake. How can I do a show where the rehearsals will likely be in the evenings and I work more than 3 evenings a week?

Just give me a sign that says, “I’m Stupid”. Yep, I’m pulling the Bill Engvall card because… yeah, that’s how I feel right now.

Now I can’t decide if I should email the lady back and say that I misjudged my schedule or audition for the experience anyway. I’d hate to make the show and then have to say no because of work. Somehow, I don’t think that would be fair to the directors. But I still really want to audition to see if I can make it! Gah… such a tough choice.

What would you do?

Maybe, for the time being, I should just stick to songwriting and my WIP stories on my downtime.


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I say audition for the experience. If anything they can keep you in mind for another show down the road. It’s all about getting your voice heard! And maybe (just maybe) it could work with your schedule. Or you can be a back up? (idk how it works…) But I definitely think you should still audition.

Comment by ashley and dizzle

But they could keep me in mind as the girl who flaked… My mom said the same thing haha.

Comment by Mikael

Can you email or get in touch right now? I’d talk to them up front about it and see what they think. On the one hand they might want to have you go ahead and audition so they can keep you in mind for the future, or give you constructive criticism. They might even be willing to work things out with you. On the other hand, they might not be willing to do that, but would probably appreciate that you were honest about your circumstances AND that you valued their time and opinions to bring it up when you remembered instead of waiting til you got a part.

Comment by sheadaisy

I like the way you think, Shea. I can email her so I may do that. Thanks!!

Comment by Mikael

I don’t know if I would audition knowing that you can’t perform the part if selected. On one hand, it’s a great experience, but on the other they might find it flaky that you auditioned for a part you can’t accept.

Comment by terra

At auditions, they ask for your availability so as long as I’m honest with that at auditions, they can choose if they want to work with me or not. IT wouldn’t be flaky since I’m not promising anything just by the audition… just showing that I’m interested in being in their show if they’ll work with me and my schedule.

Comment by Mikael

I agree with Terra, if you know you aren’t going to be able to make the rehearsals then I wouldn’t audition for the show. However if there is a chance you can make it work I would definitely look in to it! Chicago would be amazing!

Comment by Ameena

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