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A Good Day by Mikael

i can tell it’s gonna be a good day
~Priscilla Ahn, “A Good Day”
… aka the song I need to listen to right now because it totally fits my mood.

It’s not very often that I stop and say to myself, “Today is a good day!”

It’s not that I don’t have good days (I do since I’m naturally an optimistic person). But because of certain things going on in my life since December, I haven’t had a particularly good day in a while. There have been good moments (some amazing) but most days have been just… meh. Let’s just say, it feels like it’s been forever since my last amazing day.

Today isn’t even over yet…  and I’ve stopped what I’m doing to say that sentence about 10 times. Even in the bathroom mirror. Hello, perma-smile on my face! How often is it that so many good things get compacted into one day?

Why Today is a Good Day

  • Had a blast at Park City TV this morning, eating delicious bratwurst and getting to run the camera.
  • Washed the rental.
  • There were mushrooms at my office’s dining room salad bar (when they were absent last week)! My fave! Plus the rolls were fresh and warm.
  • Finished a lot of work despite getting up at 5:45 am to a lukewarm shower.
  • I get to pick up my pole (Christmas present) today!
  • I’m about to leave for Pole Fitness too…
  • Getting my nails all done up tonight with a Christmas gift card.
  • Totally planning on Cafe Rio for dinner. Chicken salad for me while I read Catching Fire (unless someone wants to join me–text or email mikshorty {at} gmail if interested).
  • And I just received word that my car is now at the paint-job stage so she should be done by the end of the week!

See? Those are not only good things, but excellent things! This is why I believe in karma. =)

Won’t lie… This good day was definitely needed. I kind of hope all this goodness continues. For example, I could use some good news on the love front ifyouknowwhatImean… so if some kind of karmic cosmos stuff could help out with that, that would be awesome! ;)

An update from my last post:

I am going to audition for Chicago on Sunday. I emailed the lady conducting the auditions and she said to audition anyway then see if the director would work with my schedule (should he find me suitable for a role). Wish me luck!

Oh, and I’ve decided to do Project 365 on Something Write — a poem, quote, bit of a story or anecdote every day. I started a few days ago, but I didn’t really announce it. That blog already gaining popularity, faster than MikShorty did in the beginning, so make sure to check it out!

What is the best thing about your day today?


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Good luck on the audition! I’m glad you let them know the situation and that they might be willing to work with you.

Comment by terra

This post is great! All the best with your audition. Thank you visiting my blog :)

Comment by Maryanne Pale

Is pole fitness what I think pole fitness is?

Comment by Peter DeWolf

It’s not pole dancing. Basically it’s using the pole for balance and resistance for a killer complete body workout… mostly strength training like stuff, but you get some cardio in too.

Comment by Mikael

i love taking a moment to revel in a good day. also, now i really really want rio. can you believe i didn’t like it in high school? must repent for my sins!

Comment by Ameena

What? How can you not like the Rio? If you didn’t like it now, I’d be offended pretty much. ;)

Comment by Mikael

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