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Hello, My Name is Busy by Mikael
January 20, 2012, 9:48 pm
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So that audition I mentioned last week? So didn’t happen… I decided that it would be mean to both me and the casting people for me to audition and then not be able to do the show.

Because guess what? It’s pretty much impossible to do a show when you have 3+ jobs. I realized the impossibility of it all after last week practically had me breaking at the seams a little bit.

About 25-30 hours at ABC 4 between Wednesday and Friday. Five hours max for Park City TV on Mondays and Tuesdays, with up to 2 hours a day between Wednesday and Friday. I fit in time for Sinclair when I can either make the trip to SLC or steal away to Starbucks for a couple hours. Then the “+” is the extraneous help I lend to an awesome woman who owns her own real estate/staging business which could be a couple hours a week.

Busy doesn’t even begin to cover it. Heck, I’m struggling with my Project 365 on Something Write but I’m persevering since I really want to succeed in continuing that project for a year. It’s a wonder that I even had a down moment tonight.

There is an upside to all this busy-ness though, I promise.

I’m absolutely loving my jobs! ABC 4 has me running cameras and helping produce the evening shows. Not to mention the fact that I’m in love with the crew here. Everyone is just amazing. There are definitely stressful moments and too many pizzas ordered, but I genuinely enjoy what I’m doing.

PCTV is also very fun, despite the 6 am shift on Mondays and Tuesdays (hello, coffee!). And again, I really like the people I’m working with. Biggest perk is that my internship is mostly about helping keep the website and blog updated as close to daily as possible. Lots of writing? Hells yes, I can do that!

Weekends are almost free from work if I’m not behind on Sinclair stuff. But those are usually jam packed too with Pole Fitness, Zumba, church and what not. However, with the Sundance Film Festival, this weekend is looking pretty intense. Let’s see if I can keep my head. ;)

But you see my point? There is no way I can manage even trying to do a show right now. So no point in getting my hopes up in getting cast right?


If I wasn’t loving my work right now, I’d probably fall apart … so I’m good. The perfect distraction.

On another upside, more songwriting is going on behind the wings (aka: late at night) so hopefully I can produce another full song here in the near future. It’s amazing what emotional trauma (that I’m not going to delve into just yet… give it a few months) can set off creatively (again, see Something Write).

What are your thoughts on staying busy?


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I don’t function well when I’m super busy.

My writing brain needs quiet time.

Comment by Peter DeWolf

Just be careful you don’t burn yourself out. :(

Comment by Kelly L.

Don’t worry! Luckily, I’m able to find downtime in random spurts so it works out nicely. Having my gym time is a godsend haha.

Comment by Mikael

So glad you’re loving work! I work best when I’m up against deadlines and have all sorts of things to do. I’m glad you’ve got mostly free weekends though!

Comment by terra

Yeah the free weekends are my saving grace right now… haha!

Comment by Mikael

I think it’s so cool that you get to work on the production side. That sounds like so much fun.

Comment by TJ

IT IS!! It’s a blast… Me love.

Comment by Mikael

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