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Reason number 1.2 why I don’t like living in Park City… by Mikael
January 31, 2012, 5:22 pm
Filed under: A Little Me, Family, RaNdOm, Utah, Venting

Imagine this…

You’re gently roused by your alarm clock despite it being earlier than 6 a.m. Since you are engulfed in your nice warm bed and lifting your arm above the comforter immediately brings goose pimples to your skin, you decide to stay in bed just a few minutes longer–completely enraptured by the heat.

After a few minutes, you finally think to yourself… “A hot shower would be perfect to wake up to, not to mention it would feel great on my super sore muscles.” So you walk to your bathroom, start the water and turn the knob to hot. You take a couple of  minutes to prep for the shower (like finding the razor that hasn’t left your gym bag in a week, scrounging up a clean towel, maybe brushing your hair and checking on your dragons in DragonVale while contemplating to jump back into your warm bed). Now you are pulling the shower curtain/door open as you start to step into a nice, warm–

“AAAAGGGGHHHH! Shit, that’s COLD!”

You feverishly hop out of the shower, snatching at the hopefully clean towel you grabbed while the water was supposedly heating up… all while refusing to shower in such frigid conditions. You know someone must be showering in order for the water to be so cold. Whoever is in the shower is hogging all the heat! So you reason that you can shower later when no one is home… you know, somewhere between your multiple jobs.

That was my morning.

But then I learned something very valuable. The first shower takes forever to heat up in our house apparently. I’ve been living here for nearly 5 months and my mom just barely told me that little gem of knowledge this morning. And I was the first one to try to get in the shower today. Cue fumes of frustration.

Mom said to start the water earlier and I kind of stood in shock.

I’m the girl who says “It’s too cold!” whenever anyone asks me what I think about living in the beautiful Park City. My electrically-heated bed is on nearly 24/7 so I never have to come home to a cold comforter. Ideally, I’d live in a place like Southern California or someplace equally warm. I shiver when everyone else in the room is complaining about how warm it is. Not to mention the fact that leaving my bed is both a mental and physical battle even when I’m not sleeping.

Yeah… I’m that girl. So you can imagine my response to my mom this morning.

Let’s just say my lesson is learned–do NOT take the first shower of the day. If possible, wait until right before bed… or a few minutes after anyone else finishes sudsing up.

So there you have it… it is too cold here and showers are a pain to heat up just exacerbating the problem. Thus why it’s reason number 1.2 instead of number 2. They are in the same “cold” bracket.

Other than that gigantic bracket of a reason, living in Park City is pretty awesome. The views of the mountains are spectacular, the people are super-duper cool and there always seems to be something to do when I manage to have some time off. I’ve found some great places to chill and even better places to eat. Oh, and the fact that I have a job up here that is super-duper fun helps a lot too.

In case you’re wondering, that shower still hasn’t happened. That’s what happens when you do well at work–your hygiene suffers. Great. So not only am I as tired as shit because I’m pulling an unexpected 12 hour day, but I probably smell and look like it too… I hope my friends won’t be too repulsed tonight.

What do you least like about where you live?


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I love where I live. I think the only thing we could improve on is public transit. It’d be nice to not have to drive everywhere.

Comment by terra

I adore my little town.

But it is so small that you have to pretty much buy stuff online. Of course I much prefer shopping online… So…. Forget I mentioned it.

Comment by Peter DeWolf

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