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Saying Saturday XXVII by Mikael
February 11, 2012, 1:27 pm
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I’ve been a super slacker when it comes to Saying Saturdays, so please forgive me. Some of these date back to Thoroughly Modern Millie days. I was going through my Evernote and came across these and was like, “Oh, I should post these.” Haha! I need to be better with this… Away we go!

What a cast members younger brother remembers most about my performance…

Miss Dorothy:  What did you think of Muzzy?
Her Brother:  She had a great body…
Miss Dorothy:  No, about her singing?
Her Brother:  Oh… I can’t remember.


At a Pagan Yule ritual during the toast…

Girl:  Here’s to Harry Potter !
Guy:  And to weirding out Christians since 1998!

I make up words on accident…

Me: Not everyone holidates Christmas.

At lunch with my Vegas buddy…

Me:  I have flying dreams all the time.
Rich:  I used to have those but then I realized I was just rolling off of my bunk bed.

My step brother said this… Can’t remember what he read, but I was stunned he read anything at all.

Spenc:  You see this? That’s 374 pages I can never get back.

Conversations with Dad and my step-mom…

Dad:  Your mind is going in eight million directions!
Me: Oh, that’s normal.

Dad:  You’re the booger in the ointment!

Discussing what to do for dinner…

Dad:  We’ve gone nowhere fast.
Step-Mom:  Well, we’ve gone from burgers to zits.

Step-Mom:  Darren, make a decision. You’re the matriarch of the family.
Me:  Patriarch. You’re the matriarch.
Step-Mom:  Oh!

Me:  Baby Bash rapped when I did the booty shakin contest at the Flamingo —
Dad:  D’oh! Thought it was called rump shaking.
Step-Mom:  If I were to do that, you’d call it earth shaking.
Me:  Oh, I bet he likes it.
Dad:  I love everything my baby doll does.
Step-Mom:  Cheese quake!
Dad:  Cheese steak? Did I hear sammich?

My step-mom works at the Venetian/Palazzo in Vegas. This is how she answered the phone at home on Christmas Eve…

Step-Mom:  Guest services… Oh, shit! You nearly got my whole holiday shpeel!

After denying a video chat this morning…

Mom: Why don’t you want to chat with him?
Me: I’m not wearing a bra and my hair is not combed. No thank you!

*   *   *

Remember, if you have any sayings that you’d like to contribute, feel free to leave them in the comments or by emailing mikshorty {at} gmail. If you’ve missed previous Saying Saturdays and wish to see them, go here!


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That’s some funny stuff! I can serioously relate to just about all of them. I think we might be related.


Comment by charlesmashburn

Related, huh? Haha… Trying to keep up with funny sayings again is certainly a good time. =)

Comment by Mikael

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