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I’m doing it… I mean, not doing it. by Mikael
February 22, 2012, 10:59 pm
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I’ve decided to join in the “tribe”–as one of my bosses called it–taking part in Lent.

What I’m giving up? Those sweets that I eat too much of. You know… those processed sugars and soda. Granted, I don’t drink that much soda but I need to just stop all-together and these 40 days would be a good time to cut it out again. Basically, no more snacks from the vending machine at work unless it’s pretzels (I usually get Twix or KitKats).

The biggest challenge with this will be all the treats that my family tends to buy though. For example, right now a delicious lemon cake that I happen to love (and have a haunting past with) along with mini-cupcakes are sitting on our kitchen counter. MUST RESIST!

With how much I am working, my workouts are much more limited than before so I think this modification for the next 40 days will help train me to eat better anyways so my body doesn’t go away. I love it too much to have it leave me “hanging out”.

Meghan left a great comment yesterday, adding insight to Lent and also talking about how she adds in positive behaviors during those 40 days… I may take a leaf out of her book once I decide which positive behavior I have the capacity to add. :D

So who else is giving up something for Lent and what is it?


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Good luck, lady! I think this is an excellent idea. I’ve been on sugar binge lately and need to reel that in. It’s not helping me.

Comment by terra

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