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Saying Saturday XXIIX by Mikael
February 25, 2012, 12:21 pm
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See? I’m trying to be better at keeping up on witty sayings I hear.

I present… Saying Saturday’s 28th edition! We should do something special when the 30th comes up… any suggestions?

Mountain Morning Show silliness at PCTV…

Dain:  I attended church yesterday at the Church of the Mountain and Powder-day Saints.

Talking about Lent with my boss at PCTV…

Me:  What would you give up if you ever did Lent?
Boss:  I wouldn’t… I’m not a part of that tribe.

Me playing with a doodling app that RaShea got me into…

Me:  The longer I use it, the thicker it gets!

Me:  You can doodle my doodle.
RaShea:  I can Yankee doodle your dandy.

Playing Soul Caliber 5 with my friends where they see a side of me they’re not used to…

Brandi:  She’s become Nega-Kel.

Again with Brandi and Shea… discussing if a certain someone can really be “turned” gay…

Brandi:  I bet Neil Patrick Harris could turn him...
He’s NOT gay!
Neil Patrick Harris could turn anyone.
RaShea:  He could turn me!

Brandi and RaShea times continued…

RaShea:  What else would you stuff a crust with?
Brandi:  Marinara?
Me:  Marinara is tomato sauce.
Brandi:  I mean, mozarella! It’s not my fault Italian words are confusing!

Brandi:  People get insta-jealous and it’s so dumb.

Talking about work with an old friend who added me on Facebook this week …

Tom: Oh! Where do you work?
ABC 4 News, Park City TV, Sinclair Oil Corp, and just started at Salt Lake Chamber last week.
Wait I don’t get it. You work at all those places?
  All part time jobs.
Tom:  That’s too much work.
Me: What makes ya say that? Haha… I need money!
I know…we all need money. I just think there are better ways to get it than working. I just haven’t thought of any yet.

Watching Spartacus with my brother. There’s a lot of blood, gore and naked bodies…

Me:  Their boobs look weird!
Stin:  Right?
Yeah… My boobs definitely don’t look like that.
Stin:  Mine don’t either.
Me:  Well, mine actually look good.
Stin:  Well, so do my moobs!

Before starting my new job and my aunt tried to fix my shirt (it was FINE btw)…

Aunt:  I’m protective of your boobs.

Yep, that’s not awkward at all. ;)

*   *   *

Remember, if you have any sayings that you’d like to contribute, feel free to leave them in the comments or by emailing mikshorty {at} gmail. If you’ve missed previous Saying Saturdays and wish to see them, go here!


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I love all of this. And you. And Brandi.

For 30th edition: video! ;)

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