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Has it really been 60 days? by Mikael

Last year I tried to do a blog post here on MikShorty every day for a year. That only lasted… what? Not even two months? Eh, my senior year of college got in the way.

Well, this year’s Project 365 on my poetry/writing blog Something Write is going so much better! Today is the 60th day and I’m intent on finishing this out! Question though… Should I start numbering the posts? I’ve noticed that a lot of Project 365ers number them so I feel like I’ve already missed the boat. Is it bad to start numbering at this point in the game?

Since I constantly have creative things bumbling in my head, I feel like there is less pressure than actually having to put together a substantive blog post. Little poems are so much fun to write, and if I hear a great quote that’s worth sharing, I share it. With my work schedule so crazy, I like having my little five-to-ten minutes of creative juicing. Having the WordPress app on my iPhone helps loads too.

I’m starting to feel like a lovesick sap with my poems lately, but sometimes you just can’t help where your creative juices want to go. Bear with me… maybe I’ll write about something like my meal at McDonalds again soon. ;)

So is anyone else doing a Project 365?

If so, we should totally help support and remind each other to keep going! Comment below and let’s get through this together!



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Oh man. I once did NABLOPOMO and nearly quit blogging because of it.

Though I might be able to write a poem a day for a year. Wish I had jumped on that plan on Jan 1.

Comment by Peter DeWolf

I didn’t start until January 6! You don’t have to start on New Years. ;)

Comment by Mikael

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