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Saying Saturday XXIX by Mikael
March 31, 2012, 8:30 am
Filed under: Friends, Quotations, Remembering, Saying Saturday

This may be the shortest Saying Saturday ever… my attention span has both increased and decreased with my insane work schedule. Able to focus for long periods of time, but when I’m not required to focus, I might as well be watching clouds because my brain is just not willing to remember witty sayings as much any more. Hopefully this will change since I always enjoy saying Saturdays and such.

Without further ado… I present the 29th edition of Saying Saturday. Remember if you’ve missed previous Saying Saturdays and wish to see them, go here!

Talking about seeing Zorro with one of my bosses…

Boss: There comes a point in a musical when I think, “Just stop singing and fight! Let’s get this over with!”
Me: That makes my heart hurt.

Post-shopping spree …

Shea: So I got my new sweet camera today and haven’t had a chance to use it yet, you got new clothes, and we see each other tomorrow. See where I’m going with this?

Behind the scenes at ABC 4 studios…

Brent: Give me Diet Coke.
Me: Not until they change it! (I meant make it healthier… was a news story that day)
Brent: Don’t make me hurt you.
Me: You wouldn’t hurt me.
Brent: If you became me and my Diet Coke, I would. It’s a part of my personal religion.
Me: What’s your personal religion?
Brent: A 12-pack a day.

Watching a movie with a certain someone…

Me: Man, this scene looks familiar. I think I’ve seen it before…
*a few minutes later*
Me: Yeah, I’ve definitely seen this but I don’t remember what comes after this. Wait a second… wasn’t I in the mood for Adam Sandler last time I was here?
That Guy: I think so.
Me: Pretty sure we’ve tried watching this before and we failed.

Talking about a photo shoot with all my besties in Utah…

Carlos: C’mon a gay guy knows his outfits like he knows his Broadway shows.

At the St. Paddy’s Day/Mom’s birthday bash…

Carlos:  He just wants to tap you like a fat kid wants chocolate cake.

Derika: It’s not so fun when so-called “friends” smash your face in with a cupcake.
Brandi: F*ck that! I’m not a friend with quotes.

Another moment with my PCTV boss…

Boss: Wait, there’s a snow storm? Why am I at work? That’s it, I’m going skiing.

Voila! Have a lovely weekend!


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