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Blips of March by Mikael

Time for some March reflection. ;)

March was…


The truth finally coming out. Being excited. Just friends. Getting my guitar strings replaced. Proof that you can totally find someone online. Learning more about being a producer. Saying goodbye to one of my best friends who’s just left on an LDS mission. Visiting my grandparents. Lots of Zumba. Audition and callback for Sound of Music at Hale Center Theatre (waiting on word if I got cast). Midnight premieres with amaze-ball friends. Awesome St. Paddy’s Day / Mom’s birthday bash!

The ribbon cutting ceremony for City Creek Center in Salt Lake–best day ever. Meeting a Capella group, Eclipse. Starting music review blog musiCues (giveaway going on right now!). Fun photo shoot with fabulous friends. The blending of my friends. Flirting around again. An awesome and needed “me” Sunday (cleaning my room, playing video games, watching movies). An attempt at doing a barre class (um… ouch). Teaching myself guitar basics.#MarchPhotoADay on Instagram.

Incorrect sources. Sunburn. Unrelenting exhaustion when the end of the week comes. Malfunctioning iPhone and iPad alarm clock apps. No hard feelings over expiration dates. Lack of sleep. Flat tire.

Contemplating… taking guitar lessons with the amazing Phinney, where’s the best place for me to be, auditioning for performing arts schools or more local shows.

Oops! All Berries. Pops. Got my own ZipFizz now! Cadbury mini-eggs. Only being able to trust Wendy’s burgers now because of the pink slime controversy.

Books read: Sleepers by Megg Jensen and in the midst of The Woodcutter right now. And Glamour Mag while I wait for the shower to heat up. I don’t really have time to read much anymore. :(

Movies seen: The Vow. The Hunger Games midnight premiere! Anchorman.

Top Something Write pieces: The Neverending Cycle, For Beans, vorpal blade, The Favorite (Pt 1) and the People Factor.

*   *   *

Blips are a great way to remember the little things from each month so I can have something to look back on. Here are the others from 2012:

January ~ February

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March was … interesting! <3

Comment by bajanpoet

That cake is absolutely amazing!

Comment by terrabear (@terrabear)

Right? It was my mom’s birthday cake… We still have the top portion uncut. Haha!

Comment by Mikael

[…] ~ February ~ March ~ April ~ […]

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