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Interview w/ Magic in the Backyard’s Kellie Elmore! by Mikael

My favorite poetry blogger friend is now a published poet! YAY!

Earlier this week, Kellie Elmore‘s collection of prose, Magic in the Backyard, was released by Winter Goose Publishing! I’m so happy for her I could burst … but I’ll settle for an interview. And a copy of the book. ;)

I’ve been following Kellie for… wow, I’m not sure how long, but it’s been well over a year. I started doing her Free Write Friday (yes, the Kellie who started that!) in February of 2011–so a little before then. She’s inspired me so much during this time, I can’t even begin to thank her enough.

Kellie is described as “a writer who knows no bounds”… and that if you don’t like poetry, that means you haven’t read her poems yet. I’d believe that.

Reading Kellie’s poems can be really magical, whether it takes me back to a memory of my own or if she captures me in her enchanting words, creating places I want to see and evoking intense emotional reactions. See her blog and be amazed!

I present to you Kellie Elmore!

What prompted you to start writing? 
Honestly? I began writing back in Junior High School, all about a boy, of course! Mostly mushy, poorly rhymed, love poems to my then crush who I adored and the only person I trusted to share this lovesick desire with was a notebook journal.

You say writing is your happy pill, which leads me to think of it as an addiction… What else would you say you are addicted to?
Writing can become a bit of an addiction. As far as my addictions to other things, well according to my husband and my son, it is Social Media. (lol)

Now I have to ask… Which social media platforms are you addicted to?
Oh no! Don’t make me choose! If I must, I suppose I would have to say Twitter for it’s simplicity and reach. (Follow her @kellie_elmore!)

What others are you active on?
You name it and chances are, I have a profile! Google+, Tumblr, YouTube, WeHeartIt, Reverbnation, but there is one I cannot seem to join and it is driving me nuts! Pinterest! I want in so bad! (Note: I’m trying to help her fix this ASAP.)

Following those lines, what kind of writing makes you the most happy?
I just love to write, but I guess it would have to be free verse or prose, obviously. It is unrestricted and I like that.

What is it you are most looking forward to with the publishing of your first poetry book?
The response. There are many people I know who have this “idea” about poetry, that it is boring and difficult to understand, I look forward to showing them my style and hopefully change their minds.

How did it feel when you got the deal?
At first, I did not believe it. I kept telling myself it can’t be true and actually, it did not even truly sink in until I saw my book cover, then… I lost it- emotionally. I was overwhelmed and ecstatic!

What are your thoughts on rhyming/structure in pieces in poetry?
When it comes to form poetry, I have to side with Walt Whitman, a known rule breaker when it comes to writing, and defied the need for them and yet, he produced brilliant works using imagery and simplicity.

If you were being held captive on a pirate ship and the captain wanted to make you jump off the gallows, what would you say or do to persuade him to keep you alive instead?
Tell him I have something better than Rum and offer him some Jack Daniels…Tennessee Whiskey of course! =)

Doesn’t that just make you love her? I know I do! I feel so honored to have gotten the chance to interview her… she really is an amazing poet, a sweet and genuine person and a really fun to Twitter things up with.

Now it’s time to go over to Amazon and buy her poetry book, Magic in the Backyard! You’ll find me there. ;)

Happy Hump Day everyone!


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Thank you sweets! You are wonderful at making me look good! =) I had so much fun doing your interview and I thank you for your continued support and loyalty, Mik! Big hugs honey! It has been a pleasure! xox


Comment by Kellie Elmore

You are so welcome! You do all the work yourself, don’t you know? ;) XOXO

Comment by Mikael

[…] This was written for a special edition of Free Write Friday… There is a giveaway on the line this week for a cute tote Kellie Elmore’s newly published “Magic in the Backyard”. This mini-story is based on / inspired by the cover of that book. You can buy Kellie’s poem book on Amazon, Amazon Kindle and Nook. Oh, and did you see my interview of the lovely Kellie? Go check it out! […]

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