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On the “A” team… by Mikael
April 11, 2012, 8:58 pm
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Let me say this to start … having connections is the key to getting just about anything.

Seriously. Get to know many different people, say hi, care and be genuinely interested, follow up–then get them to introduce you to more people. You never know what kind of opportunities those connections can give you. It’s called networking.

Exhibit A: Thanks to my fabulous Sports Information internship during college, I met a producer from ABC 4 where I interned last summer… and now currently have a job.

Exhibit B: Thanks to my part-time assistant job I held through the winter, I was able to tell my friend (who was looking for another day care-like  job) that my employer was looking for someone in just that field. She was hired.

Exhibit C: Thanks to my mom’s birthday party, I met this man who started his own company and I put him in contact with the people at PCTV. They featured him today to promote his business on the Mountain Morning Show.

Now I know those are job-like examples, but there are plenty other things you can get simply by knowing someone. Mind boggling, right?

So today, I’m at one of my jobs and I run into the contact my aunt introduced me to. He’s near the top of the food chain at Hale Centre Theatre so he knows about auditions and such. He’s the one who told my aunt that I nearly made the cut for The Christmas Carol last fall. Today, he informed me that they grade initial auditions and only those at the top get called back. I was in that group for both TCC and The Sound of Music. He said they thought I did really well this time around too…

And that’s why I’m not giving up on Hale. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get cast in TSoM, but I have a feeling my work schedule could be a turn-off since I work Wednesday-Friday evenings (but I did say that it could be flexible on my availability). I think next time, I just won’t mention my work schedule (hopefully it will change by then) and see what happens. ;)

The next audition at Hale is Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5 Musical in June. I’m so down I’m like a puddle! You can bet I will be there. I’m already figuring out what could be a good audition piece.

So knowing people can be a good thing in gaining opportunities and also getting the inside scoop. You’re part of the “A” team/list/group so why not use that to both help yourself and others? Nothing wrong with that!

How do you feel about networking to get what you want?

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Networking is mandatory for most things. Without it, it’s hard to get places.

Comment by terra

Every job I’ve ever had is because I knew someone, or knew someone that knew someone. I’m really hoping I’ll be able to break that streak, but we’ll see.

I hate that it’s more about who you know than what you know, but that’s the world we live in.

I don’t network TO get what I want, I network (when I want to) because I enjoy it – and sometimes It leads to me getting what I want.

Comment by socaltj

Tends to be how it is.

And I think none of us really use networking to get what we want but we all network, whether we like it or not (positively or negatively even) and sometimes that can lead us to getting there. All depends. Thanks for the comment TJ!

Comment by Mikael

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