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Bloggers in Sin City.

Really there aren’t enough incredible words and expressions that can cover everything that is BiSC. I just like to call it The Weekend of the Year. It’s that awesome, okay?! I’m still trying to recover.

To give you some idea, here is what I came home with:

  • around 25 new friends,
  • more time to hang with 25 old friends from last year, (numbers not accurate, but close enough!)
  • a booty shaking title complete with a 21 oz. custom made drink with an awesome pink Flamingo cup & X Burlesque class passes,
  • a bag filled with amazing swag from even more amaze-ball sponsors,
  • more perspective on the sexual and sensual things thanks to Zumanity and Jenn,
  • a funky sun burn on my back that looked like a bandage thanks to my poor sunscreen spraying skills,
  • a cute and far too short H&M dress that I didn’t end up wearing for Mad Men night like I planned (oh, and a Beavis and Butthead shirt since I couldn’t leave H&M without it),
  • my roomie Sara‘s book and her shoes since she packed in the dark and forgot (the silly girl),
  • more Pop Chips than I could hold,
  • and around 2 pounds because the 12+ hours of dancing clearly didn’t negate the countless buffets and fruity drinks.

It was just as amazing as last year, if not moreso. BiSC has a really special kind of magic … where everyone is a friend right off the bat, time goes by too fast and by the time it’s all over, you cling to each other (almost suffocatingly so–but you love it!) because you simply don’t want to leave their presence.

And there’s one other little fact … No one does Vegas like BiSCuits. I mean it, nobody.

Who else would spend an day at the pool, playing with glitter balls, getting rum shot in their mouths via water gun, cheering on the girl on the stage and shaking her rump like no one’s biznez (that would be me, thank you), playing “Never Have I Ever…” and winning sex toys if you get out quickly (which I think is backwards…ha!)?

Who else would gorge their faces at the best buffets in town before hitting up the dance floor for 5 hours?

Who else would jump in a Vegas fountain with an episode of Cops filming nearby?

Who else would stay up all night and then do it all again starting at 9 in the morning?

Who else would sing Little Mermaid at 3 a.m. while eating pork-pulled nachos/fries?

Who else would make you laugh and cry because of the most ridiculous things ever but they actually make sense?

And who else would do a full-body awkward turtle in the middle of a restaurant?

BiSCuits would. And that’s why I love them!

Seriously, Thursday through Sunday were some of the best days I’ve had in a super long time. A big thank you needs to go to Nicole, Rachael and Doni for making it all possible. You ladies rock my ever-lovin’ socks!

Now for a few highlights…

First off, I must mention my roomie again. Sara’s quick wit immediately got to me… she kept me laughing quite a bit. She had some hilariously awesome comebacks. To kick off BiSC, we even had a cute mini cheers moment. Not to mention the fact that we are both Grey’s Anatomy fans! SQUEE! So we definitely watched the finale together while piled on top the super comfy Flamingo beds. She’s adorable. Really.


The ice-breaker event at Carlos ‘N Charlies was seriously cool. The game of returning 4×6 business/blogger cards to the person they name was a great way for me to put faces with names. Thanks to this, I can say that I knew 95% of the names very quickly. Now I have handy cards I can give to people. ;)

Following that was Serendipity 3. Oh, the Serendipity! I wouldn’t have been surprised if I had chocolate lining my lips–everything was so scrumptious! Not to mention the fact that they served my absolute favorite Reisling (Loosen Brothers).

Every night from Thursday to Saturday was a dance party somewhere! Whether that was at Diablo’s, Chateau or Margaritaville… that was seriously awesome in my book. More dancing I say! So glad I brought flats and not heels to Vegas this time.

I can’t explain my face here, so I won’t. Go Rachael! ;)

Friday was the pool day, which I went over everything pretty much above… haha! It was nice to finally claim the booty-shaking title that I should have won last year. I owe a big thanks to the BiSCuits who were campaigning for me throughout the pool. Love you guys!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Next up… the sex-on-the-stage production of Zumanity. Yeah, not what I was expecting. I was literally expecting everyone to be dressed up in jungle animal costumes and paint (Zu=Zoo? Anyone?) but BOY was I wrong. I saw boobies. Lots of boobies. The show was all about sex–there was never actually real sex on the stage though (thank goodness). My favorite was the hula hoop girl who managed to twirl about a hundred hoops around her person for a while. It was impressive. What else was impressive was how good the man playing host played a woman. I couldn’t tell the difference! The comedic hosts were awesome and cracked me up at every turn. And when the audience involvement is as high as it was in Zumanity, it can’t help but be a good show. I don’t think there was a dry seat in the house that night … whew!

Saturday morning was a hoot as CrushHub joined us for breakfast and help set up Amber on a date! Of course, she chose the 8-pack Costa Rican surfer. :P Personally, I would have chosen the BiSCuit that was thrown into the mix. Haha!

At dinner on Saturday, we did have a surprise guest (ahem, 50 of them) … the Miss America pageant ladies showed up at the same buffet we did! They looked like plastic — the ones I saw, anyway — and wore way too much makeup. But it was cool to see them! It was at that buffet where Brandi had me in tears talking about tacos. Yeah… good times.

Then it was Chateau at Paris… yeah. Everyone looked so nice and fancy in their Mad Men attire that I didn’t feel my H&M purchase fit very well… so I wore the outfit I originally planned on. But once we got to the club–No words. Aside from dancing on the chairs… perhaps tall horse man … oh, and the short man (wearing creepy contacts) who looked scarily like the one who awarded me my booty shaking title! Weird realization afterwards. HA.

Sunday… oh, the farewells. I can’t even say it’s bittersweet because they are really just sad. I was the one suggesting that we barricade/blow up all the exits to the Flamingo Hotel so everyone would have to stay forever. I liked that plan.

A few did stick around though and we made our traditional pit stop at In-And-Out and played the Sneaky Snake. Can’t go wrong with that. And a special explanation of bird sex is pretty hilarious, if I may say so.

I’m just so happy that there was both people that I knew and people that I didn’t know coming into BiSC this year. A lot of the people I really bonded with last year returned and it was like we got to do it all over again… but knowing each other better. Then I got to meet a host of new people who are just as equally awesome!

I don’t know what it is about BiSCuits, but they are really the kindest, wackiest, most fun, open-minded, bestest and just the rocking-est rock stars ever. It’s so hard to explain because everyone is just that cool. And yes, I did just link to about half of the people who came. You should check them all out. No joke.

I know I missed linking people and mentioning all the names — but really I love everyone who went. If you’re a BiSCuit, I love you. Simple as that. I know there were some of you I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with, but there’s not a person I didn’t get splendid vibes from. So there.

Best. Weekend. Ever. Again.

So who’s going back next year?

PS: As for more sponsor stuff… keep an eye out on my Twitter account. I’ll be posting my feedback there. Oh, except you will see my tribute to Le Bon Garcon on Something Write.


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it was so good to see you again, Mikael.

I don’t think I can keep going a whole year in between seeing you…we’ll see! :)

Comment by TJ (@SoCalTJ)

Well, hopefully we can work out a time to see each other between now and then!

Comment by Mikael

You shook it at that booty shaking contest, girl! That other girl was like, “I can’t even” and quit.

Comment by Treavor Wagoner (@treavioli)

Haha thanks! She was pretty pissed after, but one of her friend’s told me she was drunk so… I don’t know. LOL!

Comment by Mikael

love this recap and loved seeing you again, had so much fun hanging out and cheering on your epic dance moves :)

Comment by Katelin (@katelin)

Haha thanks again for the cheering! I loved seeing your friendly face, Katelin! <3 Next year!!

Comment by Mikael

I’m so glad we got the time to hang out again this year, so glad that In-N-Out has become a tradition and so glad you won the booty shaking contest this year.

Comment by terrabear (@terrabear)

Well, In-N-Out is a must! It’s the best way to cap everything off. I love you to pieces, Terra! Can’t wait until I get to see you again! Now I have your number so I can stalk you there too… ;)

Comment by Mikael

I am glad we got to meet! I look forward to more talks about theater and performing and let’s go dancing!

Comment by Grace

Right back at you, Grace! You are a gem… I look forward to those things as well! Why do you have to be so pretty and sweet???

Comment by Mikael

Dr. L reisling is my favorite!! I buy it at bevmo all the time : )

Comment by Newlyweds ona Budget (@NewlywedsBudget)

What is this bevmo you speak of?

Comment by Mikael

its a liquor store chain. All over California, there’s also some in Arizona.

Comment by TJ (@SoCalTJ)

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