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Time to Just Be by Mikael
June 20, 2012, 6:23 pm
Filed under: A Little Me, Good Things, Health, Updates

Last night, the 13-year old in me sighed in satisfaction.

After work, I got in a killer workout that I’m majorly feeling today in my abs (toughest place for me to ever feel anything). Then I spent my evening eating bread and cheese with my mom and step-dad, reading Harry Potter via Pottermore, having my mom braid my hair, watching a Disney Channel Original Movie and just … being. I really felt like a kid again.

It was nearly on par with spending last weekend with my dad in Vegas for Father’s Day. It was just that good.

It’s hard to remember the last time I could just be and not care. There’s work, an endless to-do list–always counting down the minutes and the days until the next weekend or the next job. To be honest, that’s not an ideal way to spend your life.

Sometimes it’s just nice to take a step back from everything, not worry and not care … like a kid does. Try it. I double-dog-triple-sundae dare you.

Up until last week, I spent the last six months working my ass off at three jobs, trying to squeeze in time with friends and the gym whenever possible, and trying not to lose my head. Did I enjoy myself? Sure. But did I ever really get any “me” time? Not really. Whenever I had a break, like for BiSC and my brother’s birthday, I always felt like I needed more time for fun and just being.

Now, I’m down to just one full-time-ish job and an 8 hour/month writing gig. And I actually have free time. Bring. It. On. I intend on spending tonight much like I did last night and I can’t wait.

I so welcome this break. Sometimes you just need some time for yourself. This last weekend couldn’t have laid that out plainer for me. I got out, cleared my head, and gained some good perspective.

As far as the results from my recent auditions, I decided to just take this next month to decompress from everything. The next audition I’m looking forward to is in July.

Now is my time to take care of me.

Yesterday even marked the first day of Operation: Fit & Fierce. Simply, it’s a loose plan that will ultimately end in me taking back control over my health and my body since that was clearly not a priority over the last six months. If you want to know everything that I’m doing for F&F, check out Kel Lives Well. Along these lines–if any of you are on MyFitnessPal, let me know. Nothing wrong with friends encouraging each other on their health goals. In fact, I encourage it! ;)

Now I challenge you to spend any amount of time that you can to simply be and enjoy. Aim for a whole evening … or heck, a whole day! Let me know how it goes.

What have you done for YOU lately?

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I fully support this. it is important to step back and take care of yourself!

Comment by Caryn

I love this. Since Andrew left I’ve been trying to figure out all the things I’ve got to do at work and at home to fill his place and I’m desperately craving some time for me. I’m excited about a few upcoming things that I’ll be doing for me and me alone.

Comment by terrabear (@terrabear)

I’m glad to hear you’ll be doing things for you, Terra! It’s the perfect time and I’m sure it will be good for you. Hope you’re doing okay!

Comment by Mikael

Someday you will be an accomplished writer (i’m sure) and let go of all this running around, but enjoy it while your still young.

Comment by gladiuspoeticus

[…] may be because it was all about taking care of me. First night off of rehearsal in a month? You bet that’s what I’d do! Besides, […]

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