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Blips of June by Mikael
July 2, 2012, 5:57 pm
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So I totally neglected on writing stuff down for June. This will be interesting to see how much I actually remember (or scramble from my Twitter/Facebook feed).

June was …

Lots of fun!

Weekend in California for my cousin’s wedding. Many twisted Shirley Temples. Cloudy beach day complete with a pod of dolphins. New parasol from the bride and groom. Anglophile moments in the Ayres Hotel gift shop. Red Mango dates. Rolling down the hills of Sugar House Park with my best friend from Wyoming.

The weekend of intense auditions and call backs with Brock for Aida and 9 to 5. Emotional torment waiting for cast lists. Getting cast in Aida, but turning it down for my own sanity (and gas money). High anticipation and excitement for the copywriting workshop with Ash from The Middle Finger Project (the first class was amazing!). Going full-time at the Salt Lake Chamber. Cool live-tweeting for the Chamber events. Fun at the Salt Lake Chamber Classic Golf Tournament, aka: driving a golf car for the first time. Meeting golf legend, Billy Casper.

Operation: Fit & Fierce. Getting back into my Zumba & Pole Fitness routine. Adding yoga back into the mix. Free time for me. Reunion with BiSC-uits Sara & Ameena. Trying German food for the first time. A day at the pool at the Grand America. Disco Murder Mystery night with old friends! Lots of days spent with my adorable niece. Gambling with my dad, step-mom and brother in Vegas for Father’s Day weekend (Bro and Step-mom won 82 bucks and didn’t realize it). Awesome Skype chats with good friends. Happy meals with Pokemon toys.

A night of amazing music with Scott Alan and some of the most talented musicians in the Salt Lake valley–I cried many times. Got the brown back in my hair.

Last two weeks at ABC 4–I shall miss them all! Spiders in my bedroom. Mornings at the chiropractor + massages = a healed lower spine. Deceptive nights. A week of sinusitus. New perspective on crappy situations.

One of my favorite covers this year: Don’t Forget Me from Smash.

New Obsessions: Thor, or Chris Hemsworth. Notes from the Universe. Hazelnut Fazer chocolates. Kelly Clarkson’s new CD. Corey, my new exercise ball.

New Movies Seen: The Cabin in the Woods, Thor, The Avengers, That’s My Boy. 

Books I Finished: Accidental Billionaires – The Founding of Facebook (after several months finally). Hollowland by Amanda Hocking (so riveting I couldn’t put it down!). Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult (finished it in one day… so good!). Actually finished all three within the span of 3 days. No joke.

Top 5 Posts from Something Write: The Very Last, bittersweet farewell, Not Alone, Tugging and Pulling and pour me another.
Honorable mention: not worthy.

*   *   *

Blips are a great way to remember the little things from each month so I can have something to look back on. Here are the others from 2012:

January ~ February ~ March ~ April ~ May

*   *   *

What is your most memorable moment from June?


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I love that you said “new parasol” as it lets me imagine that you have a room stocked with nothing but parasols.

Comment by Peter DeWolf

HAHA! No… this is actually my first parasol ever!

Comment by Mikael

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